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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaners London
A new carpet purchase is one of the most enjoyable experiences for a new home owner. It allows them to inject their own sense of style into their home, and it brings value to the residence as well. Most industry experts agree that a professional carpet cleaning should be utilised every year, or every 12 to 14 months. This certainly rungs true for high traffic areas such as the living room.

Astonishingly, some studies suggest that up to 9 pounds of dirt and grime are found within 1 square yard of carpet. The carpet might appear to be clean at first sight, but hidden dirt lies within the fibres. A regular cleaning will keep the carpet looking nice, and it will sanitise it.

Our London Cleaning System staff uses a 9-step routine to keep your carpet looking as new as the day that you installed it. This system is one of the very best in the UK.

The 9-Step Process Includes the Following:

  • Professional use of biodegradable pre treatment spray. This spray serves to get rid of oily substances and pollutants which lie deep within the carpet.
  • A unique machine that grooms your carpet into a like-new condition.
  • Extensive inspection with client input. Home owners are encouraged to point out particularly dirty areas or stains for removal.
  • Twin dual rotating brushes break up dirt particles for efficient removal. This serves to leave the carpet pile looking fresh and clean.
  • An industrial vacuum employs a powerful cleaning action for the best performance possible.
Carpet Cleaners London
  • Tough stains are no match for the deep dirt extraction process that we use. A triple vacuumed process that uses high pressured hot water extracts the dirt to maximise results.
  • “Stain spotting” is our process of identifying the root causes for stains, and then employing the correct type of removal methods to ensure a successful stain extraction.
  • All of the cleaning methods are designed to provide an eco-friendly alternative to harmful chemicals. Children and pets remain safe as a result. Additionally, this serves to eliminate foul odours from the carpet.
  • The process includes a rinse of the clean area. The residue rinse prevents stains from coming back in the future.

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