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The Household Cleaning Calendar

Cleaning Calendar - feature image

Ever wondered how often you should check your guttering or chimney? Or maybe your new carpet from last year has started to look somewhat dull despite having been vacuumed on a regular basis? If you’ve ever wondered ‘how often you should clean your [insert household item here], […]

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6 Personality Habits That Mean You’re Naturally Cleaner

Okay, so let’s be honest, the type of people you would expect to be clean freaks are those who possess the atypical habits. You can tell pretty much from first impressions when you go round to someone’s house what they are like. For example, placing a hot […]

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Guide to Cleaning After a Toddler

Little ones are notoriously cute, with their big grins and chubby cheeks. A morning hug makes even the smelliest of nappies worthwhile, which is why you want to protect them from all the germs and viruses their toys and paraphernalia can harbour. However, with toy libraries and […]

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Cleaning Up After A Summer Garden BBQ Party

There is nothing worse than standing in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal, on a beautiful summer’s day; especially when our British shores don’t get one all too often. There’s definitely something magical about eating outdoors – the ability to make as much mess as possible, without […]

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How to Naturally Keep Household Bugs at Bay

Summer is finally here; this means longer days, warmer weather, picnics in the park and yes, lots and lots of extra bugs roaming free! Although we have nothing against the tiny hordes of wildlife, we don’t want them in our home, so we’ve come up with a […]

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Handy Guide to Car Cleaning Yourself

Warmer, longer and summery days are upon us – or at least technically they are, even if the British weather doesn’t prove it. Kids will be home sooner for the summer than we think, and keeping them entertained is a difficult and expensive task for five weeks […]

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Post-Wedding Clean Up

wedding Clean Up - Feature Image

Feature Image credit to Mila Supinskaya /   So your big day is approaching. You’ve booked your venue, been measured for your dress, bought the favours and organised the DJ. But with the growing trend of rustic weddings, where candle holders, candy jars, lanterns and fairy […]

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Cleaning Up After Euro 2016 Party

Didn’t manage to get tickets to Euro 2016? Or perhaps you just couldn’t get out of work commitments? Chances are, if you’re a football fan and not going to Paris, you’ll be having your friends over to watch the beautiful game as much as you can! As […]

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7 items you don’t think to wash (but really should…)

Most of us claim to know the importance of hygiene and cleanliness, but what we’re leaving dirty would surprise you…   Exfoliating Gloves Exfoliating gloves are used in the shower, meaning after a body scrub-down they are often left warm and wet; unfortunately, these conditions are the […]

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How Clean is Your Garden?!

Although it might not always feel like it in Britain, but summer is here which means you’ll be spending a lot more time outside (hopefully!), enjoying the weather. Summer is a time for BBQ’s, summer parties and picnics, therefore you’ll want to make sure your garden is […]

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