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World Toilet Day: The Silent Sanitation Crisis

Can you believe it is that time of year again? The days have shortened and nights have got colder. You guessed it, it’s already world toilet day! Every year thousands come together to raise awareness about the sanitation crisis happening worldwide.  Shockingly only 1 in 3 have access […]

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How To Reduce Food Waste In The UK

Whether scraping a meal’s leftovers straight into the bin or, simply losing track of sell-by dates; Britain is wasting a large proportion of food, and with it, large quantities of money.  Food waste in numbers According to 50% – of food thrown away in the UK […]

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Nation Fly-Tip: The Illegal Waste Polluting Our Countryside

Nowadays, beautiful green spots are cursed by inconsiderate and selfish individuals dumping their rubbish – everything from household waste, to cars and even coffins have been found. It’s time councils and law enforcement bodies toughened up their act, and ensured people were more aware of fly tipping’s disastrous […]

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Don’t bin it – clean it!

lady cleaning a window

  A lot of items get needlessly binned when all they need is a good clean! But how do you clean those fiddly items? Our guide, 'Don't bin it – clean it!' takes a look at some of the most common items that are needlessly binned and how to […]

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Cleaning up Rio: A job for Brazil’s notorious waste pickers

The Olympics at Rio has drawn in around half a million tourists to 306 sporting events held over just 2 weeks. It required a tremendous amount of organisation and planning and with Brazil in the middle of a steep recession, suffering from the Zika Virus and the […]

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Keep your garden clean with these robots

garden robots

We’ve had the hottest day of the year, and this weather is no joke. Temperatures have hit 34C in most parts of the UK. Summer has well and truly arrived with a swelteringly hot slap in the face. That means your garden needs tending to, so how […]

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Help Clean Your Community This Summer

community clean-up projects

Community cleaning projects are a fantastic new movement that are cropping up more and more often these days. With attitudes towards global warming and eco-friendly views trending in the direction of preserving our planet, people are finding new ways of helping their neighbourhood environment. Project Dirt Capital […]

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Spiders; Housekeeping Friend or Foe?

spiders are good meme

Spiders are simply misunderstood. They are a major phobia for many people, and are one of the most common fears to hold. But as we know phobias are irrational; they just don’t make any logical sense. As we are much more likely to harm them than they […]

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How To Pollen Proof Your Home

How to pollen proof your home feature image

Spring marks the beginning of bright blue skies and the return of all things great and small, it also means flowers are in full bloom and fresh-cut grass. Sounds lovely to the average person, but for a hay fever sufferer, it’s the start of a battle that […]

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Super-Natural Hay Fever Remedies

Tis the season of pollen, much to the dismay for hay fever sufferers. Between 10-30% of people in the Western world suffer from hay fever, every year; and is known as one of the most common allergies. As hay fever sufferers will know, it is damn right […]

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