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Sharing With Friends – What Are The Pros/Cons? Things You Should Know Before Moving in With A Friend

As the number of tenants increases, so too does the cost of living in rented accommodation. According to research by Hometrack, rental costs in London have soared 45% since 2007, forcing more and more people to share accommodation. The trend is strongest among 18-34 years olds with 70% […]

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The world’s most valuable carpets

The world’s most valuable carpets Now, we all know that laying a new carpet can be expensive, especially if you want a quality weave and a luxurious finish. But if you thought your new flooring was pricey, spare a thought for the owners of these five costly […]

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What Is A Smart Meter And Should I Get One?

Introduced in 2009, the idea of a smart meter in the home was to remove utility meters than need manual reading and replace them with smart meters. They were supposed to remove any element of doubt, ensure readings were up to date and simplify billing that would […]

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Independent Fast-Food and Takeaway Outlets Hygiene Ratings

Fast-food and takeaway outlets have become a staple feature of many town and city centres across the UK. Just like retail and grocery stores, consumers have become used to having easy access to them. Over the last decade, despite the rapid growth of recognisable chains, the presence […]

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World Germ Day


To celebrate world germ day on 8th January 2017, have produced a comprehensive guide on germs. The guide provides an insight into what germs are and the main types that exist. Additionally, there is also scope on the most frequent sources of germs within households.  

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Dreaming of a green, waste-free Christmas!

The countdown to Christmas is officially on. Everyone is rushing to the shops to buy presents, and putting up trees and other decorations. However, there is a darker side to Christmas. Being the period of over-indulgence, a gargantuan amount of waste is created per household nationwide; In […]

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Digging The Dirt On Our Disgusting Cleaning Past

We all know that a clean home is essential if we want to live happy, hygienic lives. It may be boring taking the bins out and bleaching the bog, but luckily we’ve got tons of appliances and products to help us blast through those chores quickly and […]

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A Guide To Scheduling Your Home Cleaning

Do you dream of having an immaculate house, but your kids, pets and busy lifestyle get in the way? Don’t worry, even if you don’t consider yourself to be naturally tidy, you can up-keep your house to a standard that’ll make you proud – or at least […]

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A Clean Home with Pets? Yes, It’s Possible

Photo credit: conrado/Shutterstock  Hair, stains, faeces and other pet messes aren’t only unsightly and unhygienic but they can also pose a health hazard. Even if your pet is kept clean and healthy, dogs and cats carry all sorts of germs in their fur, paws and mouth. These […]

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A Brief History of the Evolution of the Vacuum Cleaner

The inception of vacuum cleaners was interestingly brought about by the Industrial Revolution. During the mid-1800’s, factories were producing manufactured items in the tens of thousands. As with any mass production, there was a ton of dirt and pollution that was generated everywhere. Around the same time, […]

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