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Cleaning Up After Euro 2016 Party


Didn’t manage to get tickets to Euro 2016? Or perhaps you just couldn’t get out of work commitments? Chances are, if you’re a football fan and not going to Paris, you’ll be having your friends over to watch the beautiful game as much as you can! As […]

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How many cleaners does it take to…


If you can’t do something yourself, there are always professionals at hand to do the job for you quicker and better than you can. That’s been the way for centuries, and it’s what the services industry has been built on. You can’t cut your own hair, can […]

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Best Car Wash Movie Scenes


If you regularly commute, you’ll recognise that tell-tale signs that your car is ready for another wash; the wipers failing to reach the edge of the windscreen to remove the dirt and grime, the wheel-trims gradually turning black, and the splatters of mud sprayed up from behind […]

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7 items you don’t think to wash (but really should…)

Shutterstock/Dean Drobot

Most of us claim to know the importance of hygiene and cleanliness, but what we’re leaving dirty would surprise you…   Exfoliating Gloves Exfoliating gloves are used in the shower, meaning after a body scrub-down they are often left warm and wet; unfortunately, these conditions are the […]

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The Most Expensive Home Appliances and Products

gold vacuum cleaner most expensive appliances

Ever wondered what the lifestyle of the rich and famous is like? Sure private jets, 200 ft. yachts and roaring supercars are exciting, but what about the everyday items in their life? We ask is all the luxury worth the expense?   $1,000,000 24K gold plated vacuum […]

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4 Reasons you should hire a cleaner!


Those with cleaners are often perceived as lazy, disorganised and weak, but we say having a cleaner is for the strong-willed and for those who admit they need the help. We’re all guilty thinking we can conquer the world and we can do everything; from managing our homes […]

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Worst Places to Clean

Worst places to clean - feature image

  Cleaning usually encounters dirt, dust and grit owing to the nature of the job however, some places are far, far worse than others and cause cleaners to collectively shudder about taking on the job. We’ve comprised a list of some of the worst places to clean […]

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Can we really be too clean?

Hand sanitizer gel

  A recent survey found that over half of us regularly carry around a bottle of antibacterial gel in our handbags or pockets; the clear gel has become pretty much an office necessity, with people squirting it on like it’s going out of fashion. Coupled with antibacterial […]

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Spiders; Housekeeping Friend or Foe?

spiders are good meme

Spiders are simply misunderstood. They are a major phobia for many people, and are one of the most common fears to hold. But as we know phobias are irrational; they just don’t make any logical sense. As we are much more likely to harm them than they […]

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Worst Real Life Cleaning Mistakes

Woman Cleaning

We’ve all been there – in an attempt to clean up a spillage or erase a stain we’ve actually ended up making it worse, or even ruining it totally – face palm! Sometimes cleaning blunders are just unavoidable; here’s our list of the best ones we’ve come […]

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