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Independent Fast-Food and Takeaway Outlets Hygiene Ratings

Fast-food and takeaway outlets have become a staple feature of many town and city centres across the UK. Just like retail and grocery stores, consumers have become used to having easy access to them. Over the last decade, despite the rapid growth of recognisable chains, the presence […]

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National Bed Month: 58% Of Brits Are Sleeping With The Enemy

Are you itching to fall asleep at night? We may have the answer why. Each night you risk sleeping among invisible bacteria, creeping around the corners of your mattress inconspicuously. With 22% of the population stating that they frequently have a bad night’s sleep, here at London […]

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World Germ Day


To celebrate world germ day on 8th January 2017, have produced a comprehensive guide on germs. The guide provides an insight into what germs are and the main types that exist. Additionally, there is also scope on the most frequent sources of germs within households.  

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World Toilet Day: The Silent Sanitation Crisis

Can you believe it is that time of year again? The days have shortened and nights have got colder. You guessed it, it’s already world toilet day! Every year thousands come together to raise awareness about the sanitation crisis happening worldwide.  Shockingly only 1 in 3 have access […]

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How To Reduce Food Waste In The UK

Whether scraping a meal’s leftovers straight into the bin or, simply losing track of sell-by dates; Britain is wasting a large proportion of food, and with it, large quantities of money.  Food waste in numbers According to 50% – of food thrown away in the UK […]

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Guide to Cleaning After a Toddler

Little ones are notoriously cute, with their big grins and chubby cheeks. A morning hug makes even the smelliest of nappies worthwhile, which is why you want to protect them from all the germs and viruses their toys and paraphernalia can harbour. However, with toy libraries and […]

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7 items you don’t think to wash (but really should…)

Most of us claim to know the importance of hygiene and cleanliness, but what we’re leaving dirty would surprise you…   Exfoliating Gloves Exfoliating gloves are used in the shower, meaning after a body scrub-down they are often left warm and wet; unfortunately, these conditions are the […]

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4 Bizarre Things That Science Says Lead To A Healthier Life

Mad scientist

We all know the standard health warnings; eat 5 pieces of fruit a day, avoid foods high in fat and excessively sugary drinks. Do regular exercise once or twice a week. Don’t smoke, don’t binge drink. But the following studies have all been conducted by scientists and […]

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Can we really be too clean?

Hand sanitizer gel

  A recent survey found that over half of us regularly carry around a bottle of antibacterial gel in our handbags or pockets; the clear gel has become pretty much an office necessity, with people squirting it on like it’s going out of fashion. Coupled with antibacterial […]

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How To Pollen Proof Your Home

How to pollen proof your home feature image

Spring marks the beginning of bright blue skies and the return of all things great and small, it also means flowers are in full bloom and fresh-cut grass. Sounds lovely to the average person, but for a hay fever sufferer, it’s the start of a battle that […]

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