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National Bed Month: 58% Of Brits Are Sleeping With The Enemy


Are you itching to fall asleep at night? We may have the answer why. Each night you risk sleeping among invisible bacteria, creeping around the corners of your mattress inconspicuously. With 22% of the population stating that they frequently have a bad night’s sleep, here at London […]

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World Germ Day


To celebrate world germ day on 8th January 2017, have produced a comprehensive guide on germs. The guide provides an insight into what germs are and the main types that exist. Additionally, there is also scope on the most frequent sources of germs within households.  

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World Toilet Day: The Silent Sanitation Crisis


Can you believe it is that time of year again? The days have shortened and nights have got colder. You guessed it, it’s already world toilet day! Every year thousands come together to raise awareness about the sanitation crisis happening worldwide.  Shockingly only 1 in 3 have access […]

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Step By Step Guide to Cleaning Your Shed


We all seem to have a love-hate relationship with our sheds. We love to dump endless amounts of things we don’t want to keep around the house in the shed and then hate to adequately organise it. The end result is an unpleasant and overstuffed shed, which […]

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Are Southern Homes Really Less Clean?


Theee north/south divide is nothing new. Neither is the reputation of southern homes being less clean than their northern counterparts. But is there any firm evidence for the common conviction that homes in southern regions of the UK are more likely to be dirty? Or is the […]

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The UK votes Brexit: How will it affect the cleaning business?

cleaning EU

Yesterday’s referendum has voted for the UK to leave the EU. It was a monumental decision, and almost certainly a defining moment in Britain’s modern history. The leave campaign received the overall majority with 51.9% of the vote, against 48.1% for the remain campaign. There’s no doubt leaving […]

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Can we really be too clean?

Hand sanitizer gel

  A recent survey found that over half of us regularly carry around a bottle of antibacterial gel in our handbags or pockets; the clear gel has become pretty much an office necessity, with people squirting it on like it’s going out of fashion. Coupled with antibacterial […]

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Easy to Clean festive touches!

Santa Chimney

With Christmas just around the corner, you’ll soon be heading home for the festive season, ready to spend time with the family. If you have younger children, or have them visiting this Christmas, there are some small touches that you can add to your home to give […]

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TV’s Most Famous Clean Freaks


There seems to be a sort of unwritten rule of American sitcom writing that says there must be a main character with a serious penchant for cleaning- and we don’t just mean they’re a little over zealous with a hoover…We’re talking an ‘organising breakfast cereals by fibre […]

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5p Carrier Bags: Thoroughly Commendable or Total Con?

plsstic bags

We’re willing to bet money that every household in England has a plastic bag full of plastic bags on hand to use for packed lunches, cleaning, and other general household duties – or at least they used to. On October 5th 2015, the government took a step […]

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