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Independent Fast-Food and Takeaway Outlets Hygiene Ratings

Fast-food and takeaway outlets have become a staple feature of many town and city centres across the UK. Just like retail and grocery stores, consumers have become used to having easy access to them. Over the last decade, despite the rapid growth of recognisable chains, the presence […]

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National Bed Month: 58% Of Brits Are Sleeping With The Enemy

Are you itching to fall asleep at night? We may have the answer why. Each night you risk sleeping among invisible bacteria, creeping around the corners of your mattress inconspicuously. With 22% of the population stating that they frequently have a bad night’s sleep, here at London […]

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4 House Cleaning Chores No One Likes Doing

It’s time to face the fact, or dirty fact of cleaning a home – it needs regular attention and care, like most things in our lives (like a husband or kids)! There’s no easy way of lecturing anyone to turn their house upside down, cleaning areas of […]

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What To Expect When Cleaning Your Attic

The attic is probably one of the most compact and occupied spaces within a household especially when you need to be cleaning your attic. It is often utilised as a haven to store various amounts of unneeded or unwanted ‘things’. With not needing to access these ‘things’ often, […]

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World Germ Day


To celebrate world germ day on 8th January 2017, have produced a comprehensive guide on germs. The guide provides an insight into what germs are and the main types that exist. Additionally, there is also scope on the most frequent sources of germs within households.  

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Dreaming of a green, waste-free Christmas!

The countdown to Christmas is officially on. Everyone is rushing to the shops to buy presents, and putting up trees and other decorations. However, there is a darker side to Christmas. Being the period of over-indulgence, a gargantuan amount of waste is created per household nationwide; In […]

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Digging The Dirt On Our Disgusting Cleaning Past

We all know that a clean home is essential if we want to live happy, hygienic lives. It may be boring taking the bins out and bleaching the bog, but luckily we’ve got tons of appliances and products to help us blast through those chores quickly and […]

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How To Deal With Bugs and Insects At Home

The persistent presence of bugs and insects within the home can be a very daunting experience for many people. It can be a distressing situation to find out that your home is infested and knowing how to effectively deal with it can feel very challenging.  When our […]

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World Toilet Day: The Silent Sanitation Crisis

Can you believe it is that time of year again? The days have shortened and nights have got colder. You guessed it, it’s already world toilet day! Every year thousands come together to raise awareness about the sanitation crisis happening worldwide.  Shockingly only 1 in 3 have access […]

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How To Clean Up After Halloween!

Halloween is right round the corner, which means it’s time to get pumpkin carving, and find creepy decorations to dress up your home. It’s also a great excuse for kids (and adults!) to dress up in scary outfits. Yet, the aftermath of Halloween can be messy and […]

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