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Sharing With Friends – What Are The Pros/Cons? Things You Should Know Before Moving in With A Friend

As the number of tenants increases, so too does the cost of living in rented accommodation. According to research by Hometrack, rental costs in London have soared 45% since 2007, forcing more and more people to share accommodation. The trend is strongest among 18-34 years olds with 70% […]

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How Green Is Your London Borough?

Greenest London Borough

In June last year, London mayor Sidiq Khan, triggered the capital’s emergency air quality alert ahead of the soaring temperatures combining with the deadly air pollution in the city. London has one of the worst air pollution records in the EU, which isn’t surprising with 4/5 major […]

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Five Of The Most Expensive Properties In London

One of the most expensive cities in the world, London is home to some of the priciest properties on the planet. Over the past few years, prices have risen dramatically, pushing some luxurious homes well over the £100m mark. To give you an idea of what your […]

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Do I Need To Do End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

lady cleaning a window

When you’re moving out of one home and into another, the ‘to do’ list can grow quickly. From arranging for your post to be forwarded and sorting out rent payments to buying new furniture and organising your housewarming party, the list of things that need to be […]

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The world’s most valuable carpets

The world’s most valuable carpets Now, we all know that laying a new carpet can be expensive, especially if you want a quality weave and a luxurious finish. But if you thought your new flooring was pricey, spare a thought for the owners of these five costly […]

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How safe are your average household cleaning products?

Cleaning Products

Cleaning the home is a job most people don’t want to do, and when it comes to the products we use we assume they must be safe. We know there are toxins in there but is it right to be concerned? Well, yes. In fact, in many […]

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What Is A Smart Meter And Should I Get One?

Introduced in 2009, the idea of a smart meter in the home was to remove utility meters than need manual reading and replace them with smart meters. They were supposed to remove any element of doubt, ensure readings were up to date and simplify billing that would […]

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How Much Do Cleaners Get Paid In The EU?

Cleaners are a huge part of our service industry here in the UK and are a massive part of our economy. Interestingly, cleaners apparently earn more in 10 other European countries than they do in the United Kingdom, according to the latest research. A study from London […]

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Independent Fast-Food and Takeaway Outlets Hygiene Ratings

Fast-food and takeaway outlets have become a staple feature of many town and city centres across the UK. Just like retail and grocery stores, consumers have become used to having easy access to them. Over the last decade, despite the rapid growth of recognisable chains, the presence […]

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National Bed Month: 58% Of Brits Are Sleeping With The Enemy

Are you itching to fall asleep at night? We may have the answer why. Each night you risk sleeping among invisible bacteria, creeping around the corners of your mattress inconspicuously. With 22% of the population stating that they frequently have a bad night’s sleep, here at London […]

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