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2022 Cleaning Gadgets You Must Have

2022 Cleaning Gadgets: 2022 promises to be a much more exciting and successful year for everyone. We, in the cleaning sector, are thrilled to welcome many new technological advances and some really smart gadgets. They all make professional cleaners’ job easier and more pleasant, but what’s even better, these items could be a fantastic addition to every British household.

Electric Toilet Brush (Yerloa)

Cleaning the toilet is one of the nastiest tasks. The only thing that tops it is cleaning and disinfecting the toilet brush. Just think of the gazillion microbes that live on its surface!

What if we told you, technology has a solution and you no longer have to vigorously scrub the toilet with the brush or worry about the dreadful residue?

Yerloa have developed an electric toilet brush that cleans within seconds and practically requiring zero effort from you. The holder has air vents which prevent the accumulation of water and the release of bad smells.

Window Vacuum Cleaner (Kårcher)

Squeaky clean windows have never been easier to achieve with this window vacuum cleaner by Kårcher. It has different size attachments for different areas and it leaves the surface in a pristine condition.

The powerful suction of the gadget can be used also on tiles, mirrors and other smooth materials. The battery life is extremely long, so you’ll get the job done with no issue at all.

Keyboard Cleaner with Gel

The computer keyboard is one of the dirtiest places you touch almost every day. Yet, it is one of the hardest to clean. The tiny spaces between keys are a pain to reach and disinfect effectively.

Well, not if you have a keyboard cleaner with special sanitising gel. It works as a mini vacuum, getting in the hardest-to-reach spaces without causing any damage.

Definitely a must-have for offices and those who still work from home.

Limey Tap Descaling Gadget

This is such a simple little gadget, yet so effective and powerful. The Limey descaling gadget is a small silicone pouch that can be attached to the tip of the tap.

Fill the pouch with a descaler and let the tap sit in it for 15-30 minutes. Once the timer is up, you only need to wipe with a clean cloth and voila – you have a brand new shiny tap!

EV Dry Steam Cleaner

One of the most revolutionary clean tech inventions is, no doubt, the EV dry steam cleaning machine. It is developed with the preservation of the environment in mind. It uses water, heated up to 170ºC to perfectly remove any stains.

But the best part of it is the unmatched technology that allows steam cleaning with zero dampness left immediately after treatment. That is an incredibly convenient tool for professional cleaners and busy households. It has various attachments, allows flexibility, saves time, helps with the management of allergies and brings a ton of other benefits.

The cleaning tech space becomes more and more interesting by the day. What are your favourite cleaning inventions and gadgets you can’t live without?

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