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6 Personality Habits That Mean You’re Naturally Cleaner


Okay, so let’s be honest, the type of people you would expect to be clean freaks are those who possess the atypical habits. You can tell pretty much from first impressions when you go round to someone’s house what they are like. For example, placing a hot mug, or even cold mug on the table without a coaster. Vacuuming the floor, when even the smallest speck of dust, mud or grass is only visible to the eye with a microscope and parading around the house wearing a pair of cleaning gloves pretty much all day long. If you have met someone who is extremely clean, they will invariably have the habits right from the start.

Remember Monica Geller from Friends? How could you forget her – she even created her own clean catchphrase, just to prove how neurotic she was. She even claimed that her new workplace was ‘Monica Clean’. Now some would say that’s extreme? But others would say, that’s the natural feeling that is coupled with a few hours of deep cleaning your home! There is a great deal of satisfaction to be had when knowing something is cleaned to your own standards of perfection.

Here are some of the habits that mean you’re naturally cleaner.

Dishes are never left to pile up

Allowing dishes to pile up, collecting layers of unwanted lime scale, grease and fluff is considered a habit of many teenagers and students, when laziness hit’s an all-time low. But for the majority of the general public, leaving dirty dishes to pile up is not an option. So if you’re one to keep on top of all your dishes, from washing up to putting them away, you will naturally be cleaner than most. Keeping your kitchen neat and tidy is a necessity; after ally you spend the majority of your time preparing food in it, so why keep it messy?


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Their clothes are never left out

When changing out of your day clothes and into your pyjamas, it’s tempting to toss them onto the floor, without a care in the world and supposedly ‘deal with it later’ – later being the important word here. But if you’re one to throw your clothes straight into the laundry or to fold what you have worn away for another day, then the time spent doing so will ensure a happier and more relaxed mood as there is no need to tackle the ‘later’, when it’s done within a few seconds.


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Everything is in its place

Shoes belong in a shoe rack, coats belong on the coat rack, magazines belong on the coffee table and opened biscuit packets belong in the biscuit jar. Neat freak or not, everything should be in its place, but more often than not, people become lazy and classify their home or personal space as an organised mess. Sure, you may know where everything is, but it doesn’t look appealing to the eye. So those or love nothing more than having everything where it belongs is one to befriend. When everything is kept where it belongs, it can be easily found by others and no need for arguments to stir when it’s missing.


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Coats and shoes are neatly hung or stacked away

The first rule for many households is to remove your shoes upon entry, stack them and hang your coat. Even if you don’t have a porch, or a separate room for shoes and coats, it’s easy enough to put it away. Those who take pride in the way their house looks, will have coats and shoes stacked neatly; as invariably, this is the first impression when entering one’s home.


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If there’s a speck of dust, they clean it

You know you’ve met your match, when your other half dusts, even when there’s nothing really to clean. You know someone is naturally cleaner, when they clean even the smallest speck of dust, and something is not considered clean, unless attended to on a regular basis. These types of people, will have a duster and spray in hand, going over some of the main objects in a house, such as a television, mirror, bookcase and cabinet just for peace of mind.


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A cleaner just doesn’t cut it

Having a cleaner is no longer a luxury. Having a cleaner for many is a necessity when leading busy lifestyles. However, if someone is willing to allow someone else to clean their own home, they may have preferences for where and what to clean, but ultimately control is passed onto someone else. For those who love nothing more than seeing the immediate result of cleaning their home, they will inevitably not hire a cleaner, as it won’t be done exactly how they wish it to be and may not spend enough time doing a particular job; often enough.


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