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8 office cleaning hacks

The office is a battlefield between us and bacteria, as we spend most of our waking hours at work, interacting with colleagues, customers and clients on a daily basis and we are bound to come into contact with plenty of germs.

Spillages in the office are a technical tragedy; as we all know, coffee and electronics do not mix. So how can you make sure you keep your desk clean and your office environment mess-free?

Here’s our top 8 office cleaning hacks:

1. Office spills

mugs with lids office hack
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To prevent spilling hot drinks, use sealed cups or travel mugs. Most offices have cupboards full of ceramic mugs and everyone has their favourite design, but these were designed to use at home, not for a workplace. Takeaway cups from Starbucks can be recycled and used for more than just your morning commute. And you can even have your name written on your mug to let everyone in the office know which is yours. Not only do mugs with lids keep your drinks hotter for longer, they are leak-free if (or when) knocked over. Making sure your office electronics are home and dry.

2. Check how clean your air actually is

dyson pure cool
Image credit to: dyson.co.uk

Dyson have recently released its Pure Cool Link purifier fan in the US and the UK. The fan automatically removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants, capturing them in the filter. The USP of this product is its ability to monitor and display air quality via a connected app. Now you can see what different activities affect your in-office air quality like air conditioning, printing and that smelly fish curry your colleague brought in for lunch.

3. Sticky note overload

Sticky note office cleaning hack

Another office cleaning nightmare can be the sticky note infestation clogging up your desk space. A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. Therefore, storing all your to-do lists, passwords and notes on your computer virtually frees up desk space and there’s plenty of software and programmes like Evernote.

4. Squeaky clean screens

screen clean office hacks

Computer screens are all made from highly sensitive LED or LCD displays. These require careful attention upon cleaning as to not damage the screen’s protective coating. Any wipes that contain alcohol or acetone can be damaging. Therefore, use warm water and a tissue. Alternatively, there are a variety of anti-glare screen protectors that not only combat user eye strain by absorbing 99% of UV rays, they also provide a protective layer against dust and particles which can be wiped clean with whatever is at your disposal.

5. Sanitiser insanity

Hand sanitiser office cleaning

Hand sanitiser is a must for any modern office. You touch your keyboard, your mouse, your phone, and all your colleagues’ desk furniture more often than you think. So consider installing dispensers near doorways on office floors. Or there is PhoneSoap, a personal bacteria-blitzing machine which uses UV to sanitise your phone as it charges.

6. Office odours

microwave fish
Image credit to: nytimes.com

Anyone and anything can bring a bad smell into the office and there’s nothing more distracting than a strong scented problem. If the air purifier mentioned above is perhaps too expensive for the office kitty to stretch to then essential oils are, well, essential. Adding a few drops of citrusy fruits or French lavender to a small spray bottle and spritzing the area will help rid of any lingering aromas. A small bottle of essential oil costs only a few pounds and will last at least a couple of months.

7. Cable spaghetti

Cable spaghetti

In any regular office there will be computers, phones and broadband and probably loads of other chargers and appliance cables. These all can get very messy and quickly turn into a case of cable spaghetti if not managed. You’ve probably had the problem of tangled earphones, and we all know how annoying that is. Multiply that by one hundred when it comes to office cabling. To avoid this, cable ties are a must. Wireless connections for many things are available from phones and keyboards to computer mice and speakers. But mainly, you want to utilise the hidden space such as under flooring boards, behind skirting boards and in overhead ceiling space to keep cables out of sight and out of reach of staff day-to-day.

8. Fresh plants equals fresh air

Plants office cleaning hack

We’re not suggesting planting a complete display of shrubbery of botanical brilliance, but a little greenery can make a real difference. Live plants in workplaces have been found to reduce stress levels and increase productivity according to the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia. The presence of plants enables us to perceive our surroundings better, making us feel more comfortable, resulting in reduced stress. Consider introducing easy to care for plants such as Philodendrons, cactus plants and Snake plants. They are often cheap and easy to source.

These easy to implement office hacks will help keep your office clean and make a happier, more hygienic office environment.

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