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Animals who think they are cleaners

Animal cleaners - feature-image


Pets can do some pretty quirky things. Often forming a close connection with their owners, some even attempt to help out and mimic human behaviour. Some pets are taught tricks and others simply pick things up as they go along. We’ve taken a look at the funniest pictures and videos of animals who think they are cleaners.

‘My cat keeps trying to steal the feather duster. Luckily, he never gets very far…’


Animal cleaners - feather duster
Image: Credit to pinterest.com

‘Our cat attempts to wash the dishes’

‘Some cats bring home mice or birds, ours brings home sponges…’

Animal cleaners - sponge

Image: Credit to reddit.com

‘Japanese cat gets frustrated when their owner doesn’t clean the floor’ – dailymail.co.uk


‘The birds at our local park tidy up after humans’

Animal cleaners - crow at park

Image: Credit to pinterest.com

Animal cleaners - crow at park 2

Image: Credit to pinterest.com


‘Llamrei seems to delight in helping out his groomers as he gets a handle on cleaning duties at Knightsbridge Barracks.’ – dailymail.co.uk

Animal cleaners - sweeping horse

Image: Credit to dailymail.co.uk

Vinni also enjoys helping his owner out…

Blazer is a useful dog to have around the house!

Grace, the Golden Retriever is great at tidying up after herself and even greets guests!

Feature Image: hdwallpapers.im

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