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Appliances You Can Clean with a Steam Cleaner

Clean with a Steam Cleaner: You have heard us so many times to say we absolutely love steam cleaning. We have told you about the many health benefits it brings and we shared that it could be applied even on delicate surfaces. But have you ever thought that steam cleaners can be the best for cleaning household appliances, which are otherwise hard to maintain? Well, yes! Steam is a perfect solution for so many of them. We even made a list.

The Oven

Oven cleaning is one of the most energy-consuming tasks and it also takes a lot of time. If you exchange the conventional oven cleaning products for an EV dry steam cleaning machine, you will be amazed at the difference it makes. That cleaner reaches a steam temperature of 170ºC and practically dissolves grime, oil stains, burnt-on and any other dirt you can think of. Disinfection is an added bonus. You can add a few drops of citrus essential oil in the water of the steam cleaner and off any unpleasant smells go.

The Dishwasher

The machine that cleans the dishes needs cleaning too. However, it could be a difficult and quite gross process. Instead of scrubbing and wiping for hours, use EV dry steam cleaner. It will get rid of any accumulated dirt and sanitise the machine. The best thing about it is that you can use your dishwasher immediately after you finish cleaning it! The innovative technology with which EV is built requires no drying time. How amazing is that!

The Microwave

Similarly to the oven, the microwave can be a tricky appliance to clean. It’s considerably smaller, but it can get really messy. Especially if you had an accident with some oily food. Imagine how long it would take you to scrub the walls and door clean. That could be easily avoided with a steam cleaner. The oil and grime will be dissolved quickly and effortlessly. In the end, you won’t even have to wipe the appliance dry.

The Kettle

The kettle is a small appliance and shouldn’t get too dirty, however, it needs regular descaling from the hard water. The dry steam cleaner can do even that! You can continue using it safely after the cleaning.

The Washing Machine

The detergent compartment of your washing machine, as well as the filter need occasional cleaning. They can become really dirty and sometimes even mouldy if not maintained properly. The EV dry steam cleaner can be used successfully for this job. It is safe and it won’t spoil the machine because there will be no dampness left after the cleaning. You can also use the steamer to treat the inside and outside parts of your most precious laundry helper.

Did any of these surprise you? Perhaps you will now consider steam cleaning in the kitchen and laundry room. It saves so much time and effort that you wouldn’t ever want to go back to the old soap and sponge scrubbing method.

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