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Back to the Office – How to Create a COVID-safe Environment for Your Team

Much to the delight of many of us, the tough lockdown measures are soon to be lifted and thousands of employees will return to the offices in London. However, as an employer you have the responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your staff. In this article we will discuss some of the main measures you could take to create a COVID-safe environment for your team.

Professional Disinfection Service

It goes without saying that proper sanitisation and disinfection of the office is essential. Whether your premises were fully closed or you worked to a minimal capacity, you will still have to arrange professional deep cleaning and disinfection before you welcome larger portions of your staff back to the office. One of the best techniques to achieve maximum protection against viruses and bacteria in the workplace is fogging. It is a sanitisation process that involves dry steam and approved virucidal non-toxic solutions. It has been the top choice for London City companies. It is extremely effective, time-efficient and available at flexible times. Our company offers this service in Chingford, Woodford Green, Stratford, Wimbledon, Kensington, Chelsea, Richmond, Canary Wharf, Battersea, Shepherd’s Bush.

Good Ventilation

It is absolutely crucial that you ensure the office is well ventilated at all times. Luckily, we are expecting warmer weather ahead, which will allow for more windows to be open for longer. Regardless of the outside temperature though, you should have a clear ventilation policy and schedule. In colder weather you could advise staff to come with warmer clothes or increase the heating a little.

Regular Cleaning

Deep cleaning and disinfection should be done occasionally to minimise the risk of infection within the office. However, regular daily cleaning is also vital for the health and wellbeing of your personnel. Common areas, such as the kitchen, toilets and office printers should be disinfected daily after hours or before the start of the working day. You may ask your employees to also sanitise their personal desks and especially computer keyboards and phone handles before leaving for home.

Clearly communicated company policy and visible signs

All your staff members need to be aware of the COVID-safe environment and anti-spread policy and procedures the company has adopted. Make sure everyone has received a copy before they return to the office. Additionally, you may arrange an online meeting where everyone could use the opportunity to clarify certain points or ask questions. It is also worth putting up posters that remind employees basic rules and COVID-safe procedures.

Additionally, you should provide hand sanitisers at common areas and places where all staff can access. All these measures are crucial in the fight against COVID-19 spread in the workplace.

Regular Testing

Some employers have chosen to require regular testing on their staff as they return to the office. While a good practice, this may not be 100% effective and it is quite expensive assuming you are paying for your employees’ tests.

Whatever measures you have decided to take in order to provide a safe and healthy environment at the office, make sure you have assessed them with care. It will never be possible to create a completely virus-free space and we will just need to learn to live with it. Nevertheless, we should put every effort in minimising the risk whenever and however we can.

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