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Bogus Eco-Cleaning Solutions

Bogus Eco-Cleaning Solutions: Green cleaning is a hot topic that many companies and cleaning influencers are ready to explore. It is not surprising, considering how crucial it is for all of us to take steps towards minimising our negative impact on the environment. But while the thought behind non-toxic cleaning products is very noble, it is not uncommon for various individuals to spread misinformation and overflow the internet with bogus eco-cleaning solutions.

Baking Soda

Baking soda paste is one of the most frequently mentioned, miracle-working solutions you can use at home with no risks to your health and the environment. While the soda powder is, indeed, a non-toxic ingredient, it doesn’t mean it is 100% safe to use for cleaning. There are many delicate surfaces like marble or quartz which will get damaged if treated with an abrasive solution, such as baking soda.

Furthermore, this pantry essential is not as effective as many self-proclaimed cleaning experts on the internet make it to be. You will have a really hard time scrubbing off stubborn burnt-ons in your oven with baking soda, warm water and vinegar. Professional cleaning products and tools are vital in an assignment like this.


The other incredibly popular eco-cleaning product, which you can find in each and every household is vinegar. Cleaning blogs, videos and social media accounts claim that it can clean just about anything from limescale to various stains in your kitchen, bathroom and carpet. But is that really the case? A quick trip down memory lane back to our high school chemistry classes reminds us that vinegar is acetic acid. Compared to our own stomach juices, the acidic power of vinegar is much weaker and therefore, that makes it a truly unreliable universal cleaner.

What’s more, the sour culinary ingredient doesn’t quite have a pleasant scent. Imagine scrubbing stains at the living room and receiving visitors almost straight after. Perhaps, they won’t be impressed.

Real Eco-Cleaners

Having debunked myths about soda and vinegar, it is very important to note that effective green cleaning products and solutions exist. As professionals, we have been working with such for more than 6 years. We use powerful limescale and oven cleaners, disinfectant sprays and other products that are 100% non-toxic and safe to use at any home or office. They are particularly beneficial for people with allergies or households with pets and very young children. However, these products don’t sit on the shelves at the popular supermarket chains. They are available for purchase on specific websites dedicated to professional cleaners.

Other Eco-Friendly Solutions

We have said it before and we won’t get tired of repeating it. Steam is the best green cleaning and disinfection agent that comes directly from nature. And the revolutionary EV dry steam cleaner is by far the most successful eco-friendly cleaning solution. It deals with a variety of stains, dirt buildup and sanitises almost any surface. It is easy to use and gives a lot of flexibility to the person using it. Most importantly, it saves so much time and effort. In our humble opinion, every professional cleaner should have the machine as part of their work equipment.

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