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Can End of Tenancy Cleaning Be Done with Eco-Friendly Products

End of tenancy cleaning is a complex and hard job that for a very long time was associated with the use of heavy chemicals. But is there another, more eco-friendly and non-toxic option? Yes, there is and it is important more companies and cleaning providers begin to use it.

Why are chemicals used during an end of tenancy cleaning

EoT is a form of deep cleaning, but sometimes it requires a lot more effort and strong cleaning products to complete to a perfection. For years it was considered that only bleach can remove certain stains and to disinfect a place properly you need powerful chemicals. This is luckily no longer the case as scientists have developed formulas featuring natural and non-toxic ingredients to create efficient green solutions.

Why chemicals are dangerous

Most often it is the tenants who organise an end of tenancy cleaning when they move out of a property. That’s probably the reason why many people can’t be bothered how the process is carried out and what products are used. It won’t affect them directly after all. However, cleaning products that contain strong chemicals can be dangerous to the tenants moving in, especially if they have allergies, little children or pets. It’s not uncommon for properties to welcome new tenants as soon as the old ones have moved out. This means that sometimes there’s just 24 hour space between the end of tenancy cleaning and the arrival of new residents. The residue of the used chemicals and released toxins stay in the property for much longer. For some people this can be a life-threatening issue.

Furthermore, cleaners who work with those strong products on a regular basis are much more likely to develop life-long allergies and respiratory diseases, including lung cancer. It is every employer’s duty to make sure they provide safe working conditions for their staff, but it also comes to wider social responsibility. When booking a cleaning service ask about eco-friendly options even if you believe you won’t be directly impacted.

What eco-friendly products and tools can be used in End of Tenancy Cleaning

Professional cleaners have access to green cleaning products that are not widely available on the general market. That means you can’t really buy them off the shelf in a supermarket. These cleaning products are just as efficient as their heavy chemical alternatives but gentle to the surfaces, environment and human health.

In addition, for places where thorough treatment is required, cleaners can use EV cleaning systems. These are dry steam cleaning machines, which are perfect for reviving carpets, upholstery and all sorts of other soft and hard surfaces. Also, it is an impeccable disinfection method, which can be combined with eco-friendly and non-toxic antibacterial and virucidal products for maximum protection.

If you have a pet in the property and the landlord is not quite happy (or even not aware) you can book an end of tenancy cleaning, requesting the use of EV systems. This should remove any signs of pets living in the property. Except for scratches, of course. That’s certainly not covered by any cleaning department.

London Cleaning Systems works with eco-friendly products and tools to ensure best for our staff and customers without compromising the quality of service. We cover Chingford Woodford Green, Stratford, Wimbledon, Kensington, Chelsea, Richmond, Canary Wharf, Battersea, Shepherd’s Bush. If you live in a different London area, please contact us to check for availability.



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