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Can Regular Cleaning Prevent Another Pandemic

Cleaning Prevent: Are we out of the woods yet when it comes to COVID? Well, certainly, there has been a lot less talk on traditional and social media about it recently. But as we enjoy our freedoms back, China has gone into another and what seems to be, much tougher lockdown. Is this an alarming issue and are there lessons we’ve learnt in the past couple of years to help us avoid another global disaster? We believe frequent cleaning and a high standard of personal hygiene is one of those lessons.

The Importance of Office Cleaning

It is a common understanding that every commercial space needs a professional team of cleaners to maintain the premises in good condition. It is part of the employer’s responsibility ensuring their staff works in a safe and healthy place. Yet, before COVID-19 not all companies took this seriously enough. Once the pandemic struck it began glaring how important frequent cleaning and disinfection in the workplace are. Commercial buildings were closed for months and offices were last to be revived because passing infections in those spaces was highly likely. Now that most people are back to their employer’s premises, professional office cleaning is paramount to avoid future health disasters.

The Importance of Professional School Cleaning

Another infection brewing space is, unfortunately, the place where we send our children every day – school. COVID is not the only threat at the moment. Recently, there have been many reports about a mysterious type of hepatitis, which scientists believe is connected to adenoviruses. Now, these types of versus are much more resilient to harsh conditions outside of the human body, which means even further cleaning and disinfection efforts are needed. Bleach is usually effective in the destruction of adenoviruses, but not ideal to use in places where children spend a lot of time. Chlorine is a strong allergen and can be toxic if used in too much quantity. An eco-friendly, but at the same time efficient, alternative must be found. That’s where the professional team of cleaners comes in. A perfect solution to this and many other health and hygiene related problems is steam cleaning. No toxic ingredients, no threats of allergic reactions (actually, quite the opposite) and over 99% success rate in eliminating known viruses and bacteria.

The Importance of Professional Domestic Cleaning

Cleanliness at work and at school will provide a form of protection against the spread of infectious diseases. But to be in really good physical, mental and emotional health you must maintain a high standard of cleanliness at home too. During the pandemic a new cleaning service emerged – post-COVID cleaning and disinfection, also known as fogging. This is a special type of disinfection which ensures no active viral residue is left on any of the surfaces at home. But even regular domestic cleaning is a great preventative measure against contracting infections, both viral and bacterial.

So, in other words, professional cleaning services at work, school and home could be a very valuable ally in the fight and prevention of another global pandemic. The investment a business or an individual would make in such services makes a lot of sense, especially compared to the threat of losing a lot more in another potential shutdown.

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