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Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning with EV System

If you don’t use cleaning services regularly, you are probably not so well familiar with different carpet cleaning methods and tools. You don’t really have to know all about it since you are trusting professionals to do the job, but it is always worth learning more about the benefits. Especially when it comes to carpet and steam cleaning, EV systems have a lot to offer.

What is an EV System

An EV system is a professional equipment used for revolutionary dry steam cleaning. The machine is compact and extremely efficient. Although the tool and method has existed for over a decade, it is in recent years that many European and American cleaning companies have woken up to the great benefits of EV systems. We, at London Cleaning Systems are one of the pioneers offering such service in the City and outer areas.

How is Carpet Cleaning with an EV System Different

The fact that those machines use dry steam makes it a perfect method for carpet cleaning. It is suitable for almost any fabrics and there’s practically no drying time required. So, when your carpet cleaners are done with the job, you can carry on with your activities straight away. That’s also beneficial for the prevention of mould development.

What are the Benefits of an EV Cleaning System

Convenience is only one of the perks you can enjoy if you choose to have your carpet or other areas of your home cleaned with an EV system. Looking, at the bigger picture, they are great for the environment. There is no use of toxic chemicals during the cleaning process and no wastewater with harmful pollutants released back to the environment. Actually, the method minimises the use of water as a whole, which aids water supply in less privileged areas.

When it comes to human health the benefits are even more! Steam cleaning with EV systems is the best solution for people with allergies and respiratory conditions. The dust mites, pet dander and other allergens are completely destroyed during the process. The air in your home or office is completely purified and restructured on a molecular level. It helps your concentration and promotes better sleeping patterns.

How Effective is Steam Cleaning with an EV System

The EV system guarantees 100% disinfection of the treated areas. Steam is an extremely powerful natural way of eradicating most bacteria and viruses. The machine operates with temperatures between 150ºC and 170ºC, which leaves no chance for harmful bio substances to remain intact. That type of extreme heat also helps dissolve fat, which means greasy stains will disappear from your carpet. During the cleaning process bad odour will be eliminated, again without the use of artificial perfumes and toxic chemicals.

In summary, dry steam cleaning with EV systems is an innovative, fast, convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly method. It has the potential to revolutionise not only the cleaning industry, but also millions of lives and the future of our planet.

We offer carpet and steam cleaning with EV systems in Chingford, Woodford Green, Stratford, Wimbledon, Kensington, Chelsea, Richmond, Canary Wharf, Battersea and Shepherd’s Bush. We may be able to cover additional Greater London postcodes, so if you don’t see your area, please contact us to make an arrangement.

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