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Cleaning Tools for Your Garden

Your garden may be absolute heaven during the sunny summer days if you take proper care of it. But with autumn slowly appearing on the horizon, you may want to take further steps to preserve and improve your private outdoor space. Let’s look at some garden  cleaning tools that will come in handy.

Pressure washer

If you have a patio or any paved area in the garden it is wise to invest in a pressure washer. It does require some practice and adjustment to get used to it, though, so if you are unsure you can cope with it, book a professional patio cleaning team. Pressure washing is essential for concrete, stone or other hard surfaces in an outdoor setting. It removes the marks left by different weather conditions. Moss growing in the cracks of the concrete can become slippery in wet weather, so cleaning the patio with a pressure washer is a good accident preventive step.

Hose with multiway head extension

If you only have a small area with concrete or stone, then you may not need a pressure washer. A hose with multiway head extension is a great addition to your garden cleaning arsenal. It can help you clean narrow paved areas, as well as your garden furniture. Of course, it is always helpful to have to water your plants and fill the pool.


Tree leaves will begin to fall soon and will cover most of your garden space. Unless you have a leaf vacuum, a good old rake will do a fantastic job. It helps stack all the leaves in one area fast and painless – plus it’s a great workout!

Hand trowel

Some areas are not accessible by the lawn mower and will require manual work to look their best. In situations like this, a hand trowel is your best friend. Also, if you are a keen gardener, this tool is helpful in preparing your autumn veggie space to shine in full bloom in just a couple of months.

Paving patio brush

If you are not pressure washing your patio, you will need to use a paving patio brush to remove weeds and moss growing in the grouts or cracks. It may take a bit more energy and time, but you can do the job yourself.

Garden broom

The garden broom is good for cleaning non-soil areas and in combination with some warm water and soap could be quite useful in removing stains from bird droppings, spilled drinks or food leftovers. If you have more stubborn stains like mould or oil, the broom, together with your muscles, can still be effective, but you will need to add a much stronger detergent.

EV Dry Steam Cleaner

Did you know that EV dry steam cleaner can be used effectively on garden furniture too? It is a safe and reliable tool for getting rid of various stains, dirt and allergens. It works simply with water and electricity – a completely natural solution for cleaning and disinfection at home and in the garden.

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