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Eco Cleaning Products & Tools for Your Home and Business

Eco Cleaning Products & Tools for Your Home and Business: Every forward-thinking person now is concerned about the environment and puts more thought into the impact of their everyday activities. This includes cleaning, both at home and at work. For many years, the cleaning industry has been one of the biggest contributors to the pollution with heavy chemicals. However, in the last decade, there have been a number of scientific advances that led to the development of effective but non-toxic cleaning products and tools. We, at London Cleaning System, use eco-solutions for our residential and commercial clients.


For the stubborn limescale stains, most people would turn to bleach or another toxic chemical. However, the products from the Milizid line can successfully cope with the task without bringing any harm to the cleaners, residents or the environment. Developed by the German brand Dr. Schnell, these products were one of the earliest game changers in green cleaning. Milizid limescale solvents can be applied to a variety of surfaces, ideally suited for soft foam cleaning. They are also pleasantly fragrant and extremely efficient.


You know how difficult it is to remove wax or oils from fabric. Imagine you just changed your sofa and it is already stained with something. What a nightmare! There are many fabric cleaners available on the market, but they feature many harmful chemicals. Instead, we are lucky to have discovered the freezing spray Rapido. It works wonders on a variety of fabrics, upholstery and carpets. What is more, it is completely eco-friendly. You can even remove chewing gum with very little effort after using the freezing spray. Apart from fabrics, it can also be applied to stone, wooden, tile and other surfaces.

Quick Tric

Another gem in the Dr. Schnell’s crown is the green solvent Quick Tric. It is mainly used on carpets and upholstery as an amplifier, but can also be applied to walls and hard floors. It successfully removes atmospheric grime and nicotine stains, in addition to oils and soot. The product cleans without foam, so it is quite suitable for use in commercial premises too. Overall, it is an ideal alternative to toxic carpet cleaning products, which doesn’t compromise with quality.

EV Dry Steam Cleaner

Our favourite green cleaning solution is, no doubt, the EV dry steam cleaning machine. This revolutionary piece of technology makes a professional cleaner’s life that much easier. It saves time, effort and resources. Steam is an extremely powerful and completely natural disinfectant. It dissolves a range of persistent stains fairly quickly and without much hassle. The machine was designed with the environment in mind and it is compatible with different eco-friendly antibacterial and virucidal disinfectants. The EV dry steam cleaner has been a blessing for our commercial clients too. There’s no need to wait for the treated surfaces to dry before business operations can resume. That alone is enough reason for many companies to never go back to other conventional methods of cleaning.

Do you use eco-friendly products at home? Perhaps you make your own solutions with household materials? These are great but sometimes could be insufficient in the treatment of tougher stains. In such situations you may need more powerful products and tools, just like the ones we discussed.

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