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End of Tenancy Cleaning Errors that Will Cost You Money

End of Tenancy Cleaning Errors that Will Cost You Money: When you plan a house move you certainly have to consider the end of tenancy cleaning too. Most people go straight for a reputable cleaning company nearby that can offer quality service. It saves them time, effort, and money, in fact. But others choose to take on that job themselves. While we admire the bravery and confidence, we must say, the majority of these attempts end not in favour of the residents vacating the property. End of tenancy cleaning is not as simple as it may sound and non-professionals make a lot of mistakes that eventually cost them money. Let’s find out what these errors are.

Not removing limescale and hard water stains

The water in most UK areas has high mineral contents which makes it hard. This then leads to the appearance of hard water stains on the bathroom tiles, shower head and door, the taps and more. Limescale also develops in damp areas over time. Regular cleaning helps manage those stains, but it is not uncommon to see a lot of hard water damage at the end of a tenancy. For ordinary people, using common products sold in supermarkets, cleaning those spots is challenging. Very often they wipe up the area and spray disinfectants but the limescale and the stains remain. When the agent or landlord comes to inspect the property, this is one of the first things they notice and it is a reason enough to deduct some money from your security deposit.

Not having the carpet professionally cleaned

Carpets get dirty even if you don’t see the dirt. There are tons of germs, dust, soil and allergens that get trapped in the fibres. If the carpets are not professionally cleaned at least twice a year, they begin releasing unpleasant odours which quickly spread throughout the entire property. And the worst thing is, no amount of ventilation solves the problem completely. Your landlord will charge you if at the end of your tenancy you don’t arrange professional carpet cleaning.

Not Defrosting the Freezer

This is one of the most commonly missed details during an end of tenancy cleaning by non-professionals – defrosting the freezer. If you remembered to clean the fridge properly and wipe all sections, that’s great, but the freezer must be defrosted too. This is because you are meant to switch off all the appliances when you vacate the property. If the freezer is not defrosted while you are still around, it can cause damage to the floor once it is unplugged and you have left for good. Of course, this would mean your landlord will have to deduct money from your deposit to fix any damage that has occurred.

Not taking the rubbish out

When you are done with all the cleaning you must dispose of any waste that may have remained in the property. All of your personal belongings that you don’t intend taking with you in your new home must go too. Nothing that does not belong in the property should stay there after your departure. Otherwise, you will be charged for the cost of removals.

Not choosing the right cleaning company

Sometimes even professional services can cost you deposit loss if you haven’t picked the right cleaners. Make sure you go for cleaning companies that have enough experience, good equipment and well-trained end of tenancy cleaning teams. This is essential for receiving all your deposit money back.

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