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We offer a comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning package in Notting Hill. Thorough work is undertaken in every room in the house leaving the property clean and fresh ready for the next tenant. We are competitively priced use state of the art equipment for a fast, efficient clean.

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Before you move out from your current accommodation in Notting Hill, there is one very important thing you must take care of – end of tenancy cleaning. Your landlord expects the property to be restored to the condition prior renting and they highly likely expect you to call a professional cleaning agency. Even more, they may refuse to give back the deposit if you don't have the property cleaned by professional cleaners. Although this may sound unfair, it's actually better for you too.

When changing address, cleaning the old place is the last thing you want to do because it's not enough just to vacuum the carpets, wash the floor and clean the bath/shower. The landlord probably wants to find new tenants as soon as possible and in order to do that, they need their property clear and above all, clean. Perfectly clean because no one wants to rent a beaten-up, neglected and poorly cleaned property. It's not that you can't clean the place to the highest standards but in order to do it like a professional cleaner, you would need an awfully lot of time and effort, not to mention very expensive cleaning products and equipment.

In addition to meeting the conditions for the return of the deposit, hiring a cleaning agency to do end of tenancy cleaning also offers a wealth of other advantages. By having professional cleaners clean the property, the place will sparkle as new by the end of the day. And what is even better, you don't have to even lift a broom. You don't even have to be present when they are cleaning the place. They will take care of everything including the inside of cupboards and kitchen appliances, wall tiles, windows, bath/shower, toilet,... every single inch of the property, allowing you to spend your time for more important (and pleasant!) things.

Another huge advantage of professional end of tenancy cleaning in Notting Hill is that you don't need to spend your money on expensive cleaning products and equipment. Besides having skilled and experienced personnel, cleaning agencies also have all the necessary cleaning products and equipment to successfully remove even the toughest dirt and grime as well as lime scale. And it's all included in the cost of their service.

The last but not the least important, a growing number of cleaning agencies in Notting Hill also offer a guarantee you will receive your deposit back. So in case the landlord has any remarks on cleanliness of the property and is withholding the deposit, you can call the cleaning agency to come back and re-clean the place to the landlord's criteria. Free of charge!

As you can see, there is more than enough good reasons why it's a good idea to call a cleaning agency for end of tenancy cleaning, no matter if being obliged to do so or not. They have the tools, equipment and what is most important, highly trained, knowledgeable and committed personnel who will clean the property to the best standards and help you satisfy the landlord's conditions for the return of the deposit.