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Essentia Cleaning Tips for your Summer Garden Parties

Essentia Cleaning Tips for your Summer Garden Parties: Summer garden party is a keyword right now in almost any household that hasn’t planned foreign holiday. But to get ready for a fun and relaxed gathering at home, you should clean up first and make sure you leave no room for embarrassing moments. Cleanliness related, that is! As usual, we are here to help with some great cleaning tips to get you going.

Deep clean the house

Even though you are planning a garden party, certain parts of your home should be deep cleaned before you welcome your guests. The bathroom, toilet, kitchen and living room take priority. Perhaps in that order too. Bathrooms/ toilets will surely be visited several times by different guests and they need to be in a pristine condition, at least at the start of the party. Don’t forget to disinfect after you have completed your deep clean. Steam is best, but you can also try essential oils or conventional disinfectants sold in shops.

Put doormats on all entrances/ exits

This is more a preservation tip than cleaning, but trust us when we say, it is a lifesaver. Or carpet saver to be more precise. It is likely that there will be quite a lot of traffic between the indoor and outdoor parts of your home and to avoid any damage to your hard flooring or carpets, make sure you place doormats on each door leading to or from the garden. Ask your guests to leave their shoes on the mats too before they walk in and put them back on when they are going out.

Pressure wash the patio

If you have a patio in your garden it needs some attention before it welcomes your company. During the colder periods with more rainfall, it is likely that moss and algae have developed in the cracks or on top of the concrete. That could be dangerous for children during wet play and a potential health hazard for adults too. Not to mention it spoils the look of your patio. The best thing you can do is pressure wash the area. It is safe and highly effective. You could possibly rent a pressure washer and get it done yourself, but we recommend booking professionals for the job. It isn’t as straightforward as most people think.

Clean the BBQ

No garden party is complete without a great BBQ dinner. And of course, to make it a success you must clean the grill first! You can do that several ways, the most popular of which is to soak the racks in soapy warm water and then use tin foil to remove any stains or burntons. If your BBQ is not too big, the parts could potentially fit in your dishwasher, which makes the job even easier. In case you choose to use chemical based grill cleaners, make sure you put on the fire for at least 15 minutes before you start grilling your food. This is to minimise the risk of any chemical transferring onto the food. When you finish, wait for the BBQ to cool down, but while the racks are still warm scrub them with half an onion stuck on a fork. This will save you a lot of effort when you next need to clean the grill.

Mow the lawn

Appearance is important and therefore your lawn must look its best before the garden party. Frequent maintenance obviously gives best results, but if you haven’t been able to pay too much attention to the grassy part of your garden for a while, book a professional to come sort it out for you. It could take days getting the lawn in order and fixing the edges if left to  inexperienced hands.

Plan the systems

If you want a great garden party and minimal mess afterwards you must plan systems in advance. Here are some points to consider:

  • Where do guests go through to get to the garden
  • Is there a space designated for the guests personal belongings
  • Can you provide them with flip-flops/ home shoes
  • How is the food going to be served – perhaps worth thinking of disposable plates, cups and cutlery
  • Is there enough bins/ rubbish bags placed in the garden to minimise scattered garbage

We hope this helps. Alternatively, you could take advantage of our professional cleaning services before and after your party. We operate in a variety of London areas, including Chingford, Woodford Green, Stratford, Wimbledon, Kensington, Chelsea, Richmond, Canary Wharf, Battersea, Shepherd’s Bush and others. Contact the office today to get your slot.

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