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Help Clean Your Community This Summer

community clean-up projects

Community cleaning projects are a fantastic new movement that are cropping up more and more often these days. With attitudes towards global warming and eco-friendly views trending in the direction of preserving our planet, people are finding new ways of helping their neighbourhood environment.

Project Dirt

Capital Clean-up is a campaign by the Mayor of London with McDonald’s that is encouraging Londoners to get together and spruce up their city. Last year Capital Clean-up events helped improve 830,000m2 of land, with 3867 bags of rubbish collected and over 4,600 volunteers joining events over 230 events and 5 months. You can check out the events happening in your community this summer here. Project Dirt is the umbrella website which helps connect communities as a network for environmental projects. The Capital Clean-up campaign is being hosted here online, as one of 36 campaign clusters being run across the country currently. And there are a staggering 2609 active projects happening now. With 157 upcoming events ranging from coffee mornings and free workshops on how to grow food & flowers to health and fitness classes. So there are plenty of ways you can get involved in your community and get your family out this summer.

The Plastic Free July Challenge

plastic free July
Image credit to: Shutterstock / spwidoff

For this month only, Keep Britain Tidy is challenging people, from local households to businesses and schools, to attempt to consume no single-use plastic throughout the whole of July. It’s supposedly summer and a time to enjoy being outside. How much more enjoyable would the outdoors be without plastic bags, packets and packaging clogging up our open spaces, roads and pathways? This challenge seems simple, but just like Stoptober and dry January, it’s not as easy as people think, and sadly the amount of plastic we use is like an addiction. So can you go a whole month without plastic bags, water bottles or takeaway coffee cups? Plastic Free July begun in Perth, in Western Australia and has now spread globally. So there you have it, one small idea, and one small change can spread to the rest of the world. Read about it more and sign-up here.

Cleaner Street App

Keep Britain Tidy also have an app to help people keep their streets clean. The app is simple to use, anyone can sign-up and report environmental crime and issues to the local council with a few clicks. The app allows you to take a photo of the problem, and report it to the correct council. You will then be updated on the progress of your report as you can literally see your street getting tidier.

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