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How Much Do Cleaners Get Paid In The EU?

Cleaners are a huge part of our service industry here in the UK and are a massive part of our economy. Interestingly, cleaners apparently earn more in 10 other European countries than they do in the United Kingdom, according to the latest research. A study from London Cleaning System showed that the average wage of a cleaner is £7.27 an hour, significantly less than the top players across the continent – and even the rest of the world.

With a large proportion of the workers in the British cleaning industry being from an EU country, it begs an interesting question as to why pick the UK with lucrative offers elsewhere like in Luxembourg and Belgium? Moreover, with Brexit looming, the disparity in pay in the UK with some European countries as well as political uncertainty makes it an even more interesting question.

Our infographic not only looks into the averages of the cleaners but also national minimum wages as well as the unemployment rates of EU countries. See for yourself, find out how much cleaners get paid and more, right here.

Cleaning Infographic

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