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How to Make Your Office Greener

How to Make Your Office Greener: As a forward-thinking company, reducing your impact on the environment should be one of your top priorities. Different businesses would have different opportunities and different scales at which to accomplish that goal. That said, we can offer a few ideas that would certainly help you make your office a greener space. At least, as a good start.

Use Less Paper

Where possible introduce digital communication and document signing. Apart from asking staff to interact paperless, consider ways to communicate with your customers in a more eco-friendly manner. This includes your marketing activities too.

Save Electricity

Make it a rule for all electronics and lights to be switched off before the last employee leaves the office. Only essential appliances (like the fridge in the communal kitchen) should stay on. It may take a while for everyone to get used to this but it is good for the planet and it will eventually pay off for everyone.

Make it Fun for Staff

Introducing monthly or weekly green challenges is fun for employees and could spark creativity, as well as productivity. They will be motivated to do their bit for the environment, bond with their colleagues and it will all become a natural part of the company’s values.

Give Everyone a Desk Plant

Placing a live plant on every desk at the office will literally make it greener. Plants, as you know, give us our oxygen, so they are a perfect addition to a workstation to improve the employee’s focus. Here’s an idea for an employee challenge – everyone gets their own desk plant and they must take care of it. The best looking plant at the end of each quarter gets a special prize. Plants could get names to provoke an extra sense of responsibility in their carers.

Invest in Renewable Energy

This may not be possible for every office or every business, but it is one of the things that make the most difference when we talk about sustainability. Solar panels, less gas heating and switching to a green electricity plan, are all great steps. The affordability of the latter is quite good, despite the rising energy costs across the globe.

Swap Chemicals for Green Cleaning Solutions

The cleaning products you use at the office play a major part in its environmental impact. Most traditional heavy duty cleaners contain toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals. They are dangerous not only when released in nature, but also to human health. That’s why it is really important for every business owner and office manager to consider green cleaning solutions. This could be swapping chemical-based cleaners with natural or toxic-free alternatives. By far, the best choice would be steam cleaning. It is 100% harmless for the environment and everyone who works in the office. In addition, it is one of the most effective ways to remove dirt, allergens and germs from almost any surface.

London Cleaning Systems work with eco-friendly products and tools at all our residential and commercial client premises. We can provide impeccable results, professional attitude and 100% client satisfaction.

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