How to Naturally Keep Household Bugs at Bay

June 30, 2016


Summer is finally here; this means longer days, warmer weather, picnics in the park and yes, lots and lots of extra bugs roaming free!
Although we have nothing against the tiny hordes of wildlife, we don’t want them in our home, so we’ve come up with a handy guide to keeping them out using natural resources.
You won’t be killing them, messing with nature or releasing toxins into the atmosphere, just simply deterring them from wanting to pay you a visit any time soon.
See below for 5 natural ingredients that you can use to ward off pests (and you’ll probably be able to find most of them in your kitchen cupboard/bathroom cabinet!)


Essential Oils


Essential oils of any flavour will work well at deterring bugs, as their strong smells are off putting to insects; lavender oil, peppermint, lemon, orange, clove… you name it. All the scents will give off an odour so strong that it will have insects running for the hills!


Garlic and Pepper Powder


However delicious we might find garlic and pepper in the latest Italian dish we’re learning to master, bugs tend to disagree; they hate the scent of both ingredients. Hence a little sprinkling of these powders in key areas you’ve had an infestation or think there is a potential for an infestation, these kitchen products will keep the pests well away.


Cucumber Slices


For anyone that’s had an ant infestation, they’ll know it’s certainly no picnic and an absolute nightmare to get rid of. Summer is the prime time for an ant infestation, as the little creatures flock into households to hunt for food on the floor/surfaces in the form of crumbs. Besides the obvious (clearing up any crumbs dropped on surfaces/floor as soon as possible), putting out some cucumber slices next to cracks in the wall or anywhere ants may be likely to enter is a great way to keep them out; ants are repelled by cucumbers! Who knew?


Crushed Mint


There’s nothing more annoying than a fly (or indeed flies) buzzing around whilst you’re trying to watch television, read, or generally relax in your own home. We’ve been known to turn all the lights off and sit in darkness in a bid to get them to go away! However, this desperate measure doesn’t need to be taken; flies are appalled by fresh mint, so crushing it up, and bringing out its scent will work well to repel them. Crush some up in little bowls and place them around the room to keep flies at bay whilst all your windows are open during the summer months.


Lemon Peel


Another natural remedy that you’re likely to have sitting in your fruit bowl is lemon peel; a god send when it comes to seeing off moths. Summer time is a period where the little flying creatures are rife, so to ensure you don’t get a load of holes in your favourite outfit, place lemon peel in and around your wardrobe. Not only will this deter moths and keep your clothes hole-free, it will also give them a fresh, zesty, citrus smell – essentially killing two birds with one stone!

So there you have it – some simple, natural remedies that require minimal effort and will keep you home bug free over the summer. You’re welcome!