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How to Remove Carpet Stains

How to remove carpet stains tips and tricks

Ending up with the stains is the problem we all have faced at least once in our lives. The truth is, it is an inevitable situation considering that we constantly move around in our homes, we eat, we drink, we have pets and we make all kinds of contacts on a daily basis. Dealing with the stains on your clothes is quite easy – we simply throw the shirt, the jeans or whatever is dirty to the washing machine and it’s done! What we most certainly are not looking forward is ending up with the stains on our carpets! But there’s no need to worry! You can handle it.

Don’t waste your time!

First thing you should keep in mind is that the faster you react in order to fix the damage, the more likely it is that you will manage to do so. Once you notice that your dog hasn’t made it to the backyard, or your kid has spilled the orange juice, you should get to the business immediately!

First steps

First of all, you should check if there is some physical piece of material on the carpet, because that is exactly what you should remove immediately. This could be, for instance, a piece of cake, a chocolate, some fruit and mostly some kind of food. You, then, remove that piece slowly and carefully from the carpet. If you put too much pressure into removing the piece of food, you risk pressing it deeper into the carpet, making it more difficult to clean that way. We suggest using the fork or the spoon for doing this, depending on the kind of the physical piece of material or food we are talking about.

After this has been done, you should use some sort of cloth to absorb the liquids from the stain. We suggest you use a simple paper towel. You should also do this gently, so as not to make the stain grow wider by rubbing it too much.

Don’t panic!

It is possible that at this point you will get to realise the damage that’s been done to your carpet, but it is important not to start panicking! If you are patient and thorough you will most certainly manage to remove the stain and ‘save’ your carpet, but even if you don’t, well, it’s really not the end of the world after all… But let’s stay optimistic…

Use the chemicals

After you are done with all the previous steps, it is time for the real remedy – the cleaning products. There are so many different kinds of cleaning products available on the market shells nowadays, that you really have no reason to worry about cleaning your house anymore. From the glass to the wooded surfaces, everything is designed with one single aim – to make your life easier. We will now focus on those products designed specifically to treat the carpet stains.

You should own at least a couple of the following products for the ‘first aid’, until you seek help from the professional cleaning company. We would mention just some of them:

  • Claire Green Heavy Duty Carpet Pre-spray 307
  • Enviro-Solutions 87 Extraction Carpet Cleaner
  • FaciliPro Miracle Spotter
  • Soapfree PROCYON Carpet and Upholstery Concentrate Pre-Spray
  • Revitalize Carpet & Upholstery Extraction Cleaner
  • Crystal Spotter®
  • Crystal® Odor & Protein
  • Crystal® Quick Restore™
  • FaciliPro Carpet and Upholstery Prespray Cleaner
  • FaciliPro Carpet & Upholstery Extraction Cleaner
  • All-Gone Carpet & Fabric Spotter
  • Amaziing Solutions Pet Stain and Odor Remover

If you are interested in reading about more of these cleaning products check the following link https://carpet-rug.org/testing/seal-of-approval-program/certified-cleaning-solutions/

Get rid of carpet smells

To get rid of the smells caused by stains on your carpet, you can try various methods. The good thing about this is that you can use the things you already have in your house. Put baking soda on the stain, leave for about 20 minutes and then just use your vacuum cleaner. This will neutralize the smell and leave your carpet fresh and clean. Another way is to use scented shampoo and water at the problematic area of the carpet, followed by vacuuming the entire carpet afterwards. If you own a vacuum cleaner that uses water you can put some shampoo in the water before you start cleaning. To avoid the bubbles use the odor fighting sprays with the scent of your choice.

What we’ve learnt from this article is that whatever the origin of the stain you face, the faster you react to remove it from your carpet, the more likely you are to do so. If, however, you don’t manage to clean your carpet, you should ask the professional cleaners for help. They have both experience and the products to clean your carpet and ‘save your day’!

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