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It’s my house and I won’t clean if I don’t want to…So there.

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The bathroom’s icky, the floor is sticky and don’t even get us started on the amount of dirty dishes in the sink. Yep, we’ve all been there.
You know you really should clean up, but its Sunday and there’s good TV on and you have snacks in the house and – well, you just don’t want to.
You’re not alone – we all get the cleaning blues from time to time – and never fear, we have a whole list of excuses which will have you feeling better about your slobby laziness in no time.
You’re welcome:

1) It’s just going to get dirty again
Simple, yet undeniably true.

2) Cleaning up after children is a lost cause
The one time having kids can be used as an excuse to be lazy. Result!

3) There’s no point making your bed when you’re just going to unmake it a mere 12 hours later
Who has the time?

4) Vacuuming is surprisingly exhausting
You already went to the gym and skipped lunch – you don’t want to fade away now, do you?

5) You’re secretly a perfectionist and would rather have a house that looks like a bomb’s hit it than have it any less than Pinterest worthy
When you have the funds to hire an interior designer, then you’ll definitely start cleaning.

6) Sweeping and dusting will just move filth and dirt into the air
Better on the floor and work surfaces than swimming around in your lungs, am I right?

7) Even if you cleaned up, there would be no place to put things away
Next weekend you can go to Ikea for some storage units – until then you’ll gladly revel in your own filth.

8) Picking dirty clothes off the floor just means you’ll have to do the washing
That’s just creating extra work for yourself – why would anyone do that?

9) You haven’t been to the dentist/finished that report/watched the last episode of House Of Cards yet and that’s more important than a few silly lingering bits of dirt
You might be dirty, but no one can say you don’t have your priorities straight.

These should keep you going for at least a week of guilt-free slobbing about. Hurrah!
(After that, you should probably lose your excuses and call London Cleaning Systems)

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