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Post-Wedding Clean Up

June 23, 2016

Shark Tale

The makers of Shark Tale have gifted us the perfect song (Working at the Carwash - Christina Aguilera ft Missy Elliott) to get a beat into our feet making the task a blast! A perfect choice if you want the whole family to pitch in, getting the job done twice a quickly. Prepare for a water fight, and possibly a soggy sponge to the face! Families cannot be trusted not to spray the garden hose!



Bad Teacher

Contrasting from Shark Tale, Bad Teacher is not for family viewing. Containing themes of an adult nature, this comedy involves actress Cameron Diaz who demonstrates all the best moves that you can pull when cleaning a car! However, we’re guessing these moves took some practice and we do not recommend practising on your drive back home unless you fancy shocking your neighbours!

Karate Kid

After relocating with his mother to Los Angeles, California; Daniel LaRusso finds himself in trouble after trying to stand up for his new friend, Ali Mills from her karate-skilled ex-boyfriend and his gang. Luckily, a nearby local, Kesuke Miyagi comes to his aid and begins to teach Daniel the art of karate. He starts with a simple defence technique, ‘wax on, wax off’. Who knew cleaning cars was a useful learning technique when versing yourself in martial arts?




Another comedy not best suited to family viewing; Dodgeball offers a comic portrayal of how you would not want a sponsored car wash to end up. When attempting to raise funds for their entry fee to a Dodgeball tournament, the team quickly discover that another car wash is taking place across the road from their station, by an attractive all-female team, who are raking in all the business.


In this comedy, Eddie Murphy stars as the eponymous, flawed hero, Norbit. The character is a mild-mannered, down-trodden husband who begins to re-think his life when his childhood sweetheart, Kate, returns to their neighbourhood. For years, Norbit silently suffered, attending to his overbearing wife, Rasputia, who he was tauntamount forced to marry. However, the tables are turned when Rasputia realises that Kate and Norbit share a mutual affection for one another. The larger-than-life character then tries her best to win-back her husband with some hillarious consequences – the car wash scene being just one of them! Rated PG – 13 (contains crude sexual humour and some nudity)

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to embrace the sunshine and to get those muddy motors sparkling! Happy car washing!



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