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London Cleaning System Services Prices

Feeling intrigued by the comprehensive portfolio of expert and efficient, professional cleaning companies we offer? London Cleaning System is proud to announce you that we reasonably combine high-quality work with 100% competitive prices! Our expert cleaning company guarantees the customers an affordable cost for each service.

Find out more details about our effective cleaning services below. We are fully aware of how sensitive the financial topic is for all of you. And that’s why we don’t underestimate it.

Different professional cleaning services, different prices?

As a reputable and trustworthy cleaning company, we are trying to suit any customer’s needs. For this purpose, we have developed a vast assortment of cleaning products, including for corporative and private clients. Our portfolio includes first-class services that distinguish by numerous factors as follows:

  • Duration of the cleaning procedure
  • Accidental/One-time and regular services/subscription plans
  • Required set of sanitizing tools and materials
  • Necessity of a standard team formed of up to 2 cleaners or extra help for the process
  • Regular appointment schedule or an emergency service

These differences call for the establishment of different rates in our service price list. What remains equal, though, is that all of our services come with the guaranteed perfect outcome.

London Cleaning System promises competitive and affordable prices

We are sure that every contemporary customer does detailed research of the market before ordering a specific cleaning service. The local cleaning industry in London is big enough to make a reasonable comparison between the prices of the standard office cleaning service, domestic cleaning service, end of tenancy cleaning service and etc. Our experienced company understands that anyone of you might come upon on extremely low rates for different cleaning services. And in nearly 50% of the cases, the customer gets duped. But opting for the cheap isn’t always the best idea. The low-cost service does not bring enough quality and expected results.  Many companies work under the standard minimum British cleaning rates. And their practice is not a matter of a discount, but a sign for the quality deduction. Particular cleaning standards are possible to be covered with certain expenses (for tools, detergents, human resources, etc.). If these expenses are not made by the cleaning company, it means the company doesn’t make a good cleaning job. What we mean is that no matter how hard you want to make some savings, there are cleaning service price rates and standards you should reckon with:

  • The average London cleaning service rate varies between 7 and 15 GPB per hour. Any price below this price is suspicious and not recommended.
  • Cleaning services under this rate might not include fees for detergents and cleaning tools. When adding these expenses, your final rate might become higher.
  • Loyal customers (including VIP customers), as well as the availability of weekly, monthly or annual service subscription plan, can drastically reduce the standard prices for each individual client.
  • All UK-based professional cleaning services should include Public and Employers Liability insurance in the final price. London Cleaning System team guarantees you all basic coverages in the market to be added in your final service price.

How important is the price for the professional cleaning service?

The price is always a significant factor when we shop and purchase – whether goods or services. And, naturally, the cleaning service does not make any exception from this rule. However, it’s a huge mistake to select a certain cleaning company only by taking into consideration its price list. There are many other things, including:

  • The company’s experience and reputation
  • The usage of efficient and tested risk-free cleaning products
  • VAT, insurance and guarantee included in the price (plus individual cleaner’s insurance)
  • Free bonuses – visit before the procedure, consultation, free trial, tips for hygiene preservation

What are the prices of London Cleaning System Services anyway?

Now, let’s get to the point. It’s time to talk more specifically. We believe that if you are here on our London Cleaning System Services page, you are confident to choose us. How much should I pay per service, you might ask. We assure you that our rates are affordable. We offer personalized price offers for each individual customer depending on his instructions, requirements, type of service, level of dirt in the premise and etc. Our company provide a free quote on each service. We don’t charge you in advance. You pay for what you get.

Don’t hesitate to reach London Cleaning System Services customer support team. Get a free quote on any service we have right away! Use our contacts and get a free consultation via a phone, e-mail or the website form.

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