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People and Their Cluttered Houses

We live in a world that is not only busy but is very demanding of our time and attention. Sometimes little chores get neglected, things like cleaning the house for example. A great amount of people find time for those chores but there is also that other side that gives up and decides to live in a dirty house and doesn’t clean them for years. Can you even imagine living in an environment like that?

Clutter House

You may have seen series about cleaners who document cleaning of houses like those ones. Usually people who live in cluttered houses are just lazy, but some of them are living in those conditions on purpose. They are emotionally attached to the things that they have indoors. They get attached to the things that someone who they love gave them or something that they buy and like it very much. Over the years the number of these things gets increased so they end up living in conditions similar to those conditions in container. They don’t have normal bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms, they are fulfilled with newspapers, books, various gifts, wraps, clothes, cans, etc. that are covered with dust, spider’s web, mold and worms. Condition are awful, everything smells bad, different creatures live there, you can even find rats. Those people get used to that, they know that it is not healthy but they are too lazy to make a change, so instead they adapt. It doesn’t mean that they are bad persons, it only becomes normal to them to live like that and they don’t understand that they have to seek for help.

That’s where cleaning companies show up. They get calls from people who notice that someone lives in these conditions and they seek for help instead of them. And the interesting thing is that when cleaning company comes they get permission to clean everything and suddenly every collected thing is not relevant.

If you notice that you are starting to collect things make sure to stop in time. Not only that you are destroying a place where you live but your health also. Just because you are getting lazy it doesn’t mean that you have to live in dirt. If you don’t want to clean it by yourself, call a cleaning company and make your live easier, let them clean every little thing and don’t worry about nothing. If you still decide to clean it by yourself here are some tips.

Step 1

You have to pick up trash. Get those trash bags and fill them up with everything that you don’t need. Go in every room and throw everything that doesn’t have a purpose.

Step 2

Pick up dishes. You can also put them in a trash bag and move them away for some time until you clean everything else.

Step 3

Try to pick up all the clothes that you find on the floor. Take a basket and start picking up, do a sweep of the house and deposit the clothes in the laundry room. You can even start a washing while you are cleaning the other areas.

Step 4

Pick up items and clutter. Take a basket and pick up everything that you find and don’t need. Throw those things. There is no need to save those things, they are only making a mess.

Step 5

Clean room by room. Once you finish these little steps, try to focus on one room. Take a box with you, again, and pick up the things that don’t belong in that room. When you do that, start straightening that room up. You should take the carpets out if you have them and prepare them for washing. Do that in every room and then wipe everything.

Step 6

Clean the bathroom. Wipe down the sinks and clean the mirrors. Clean the shower or bathtub with a spray and clean it well because you don’t want no germs there.

Step 7

Clean the kitchen. Leave the kitchen for the end. Wash all that dirty dishes that you moved at the beginning and put them back to their place. When you finish that, clean the counters and wipe them. Then focus on the mopping.

There you have it! Follow these tips and clean your house quickly and effortlessly. It won’t take you that much time and you will have your house clean and perfect. Try to do this at least once a week, it won’t take you much time. You have to care about yourself and your hygiene, and that is not possible if your house is a total mess.

If you know someone who is living surrounded by dirt and bacteria try to help them. Call the cleaning company and when they do their job motivate that person to maintain it like that. Don’t allow yourself to become someone who is living in a dump!

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