Post-Wedding Clean Up

June 23, 2016

Wedding Clean Up - Feature Image

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So your big day is approaching. You’ve booked your venue, been measured for your dress, bought the favours and organised the DJ. But with the growing trend of rustic weddings, where candle holders, candy jars, lanterns and fairy lights begin to accumulate; who is responsible for cleaning up after the carriages at midnight?


Wedding Presents

During the reception, someone at your venue (typically the wedding coordinator), will relocate any gifts to a secure location. These will later be given to a designated member of the bridal or grooms party who will take responsibility of the presents. After the wedding, the gifts can be loaded into a car and transported back home.


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Wedding Flowers

Traditionally, the happy couple leaves soon after the wedding; either at the end of the night, or the day after, to go on their honeymoon. By the time they have returned back home, the flowers will likely have withered and wilted, so it is advisable that you gift these beautiful arrangements to special members of your family. Grandparents, bridesmaids and those who have made a particular effort to attend the wedding are popular choices.

Typically, your florists will travel to the wedding reception, having made arrangements collect any vases or décor that you may have rented from them, the following day to. However, some venues require for the premises to be completely cleared of any additional materials, so it is worth clarifying what their policy is, so you can make plans accordingly.


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A growing trend has seen painted wooden sweet carts featured at weddings. Candles in jars, bunting, fairy lights and other such décor will be your responsibility to clear away at the end of the night. With some polite persuasion, bridesmaids, groomsmen and other family members or guests are usually more than willing to help collect up the decorations, after all, “Many hands make light work!” A loose plan of action should help to ensure that no areas are missed. It is important not to become to military about who should do what, as those who are helping are doing so out of their own good will! Wedding planners sometimes help with this process too.


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The Cake

Typically, there will be someone who works at your wedding venue who will box up any cake that isn’t eaten. You are then free to take this home with you. If you are leaving to go on honeymoon, it is worth considering having a fruit cake as one of the tiers of your wedding cake, as this lasts far longer than a sponge. It is also worth considering that some cake shops expect for their stands or other such equipment to be returned to their shop.


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Confetti, streamers and general litter

Your wedding reception venue usually has a team of experienced cleaners who can quickly transforming the venue back to its spick-and-span state before the party begun! Alcohol bottles, glasses, confetti, party streamers, hand towels, napkins and general litter will be cleared for you. The cleaners will then set to work scrubbing surfaces, hovering and polishing before the next bride and groom come to celebrate their special day. This process is typically carried out in the morning, so if you are booked in to stay at the venue, it is worth checking what time your checkout is the next morning.


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Wedding Accessories

It is the bride and groom’s responsibility to reclaim cake knives, toasting flutes or photo boards before leaving. Usually the member of the bridal party or grooms party who has been designated to collect the gifts at the end of the evening will also be responsible for such items.


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Last considerations

If you have chosen to hire any chair covers, table linens or dancefloors; you should provide your venue with the relevant telephone numbers so that they can liaise with the suppliers in regards to the setting up and the taking down of any equipment. Planning ahead can really ease things on the night of your wedding, so talk to your wedding coordinator and to members of your bridal or grooms party to set things in order. Once all of these considerations have been met, you can kick off your shoes – your job here is done!

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