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Professional post-COVID Cleaning and Disinfection

With over 30,000 new COVID cases a day in the UK, it is likely that one or more of your employees in the office can test positive every week. Especially if you are a big company with hundreds of workers. In such a scenario you must arrange a post-COVID deep cleaning and disinfection. This service is also known as Coronavirus cleaning and decontamination.

Who Needs this Service?

Any commercial setting, where a person with a positive COVID test has been, needs to arrange a decontamination service. This includes cafes, restaurants, offices, schools, nurseries, beauty salons, medical clinics and more. Care homes, in particular, are some of the places that need extra attention and 100% reliable professional service. Their residents, in most cases, are extremely vulnerable and one person who carried the virus could be fatal to almost everyone who lives there.

As you can imagine the majority of the places we visit daily would have had to be deep cleaned and disinfected weekly and some even more frequently.

What about Domestic Settings?

Private residential properties can also benefit from post-COVID cleaning and disinfection. Many families are unable to properly isolate a positive member in a room and they still have to share some common spaces like the bathroom. This makes the infection of other family members almost inevitable, unless decontamination of the premises is carried out.

How Can You Get a Coronavirus Cleaning and Decontamination Service?

Most commercial cleaning companies now offer this as part of their regular services. When booking, however, it is important to check that the cleaning provider has undergone the relevant professional training and has the certificates to prove it. Post-COVID cleaning and disinfection is not the same as regular deep cleaning or everyday sanitisation. Trained professionals use special virucidal products and equipment to ensure all surfaces are properly decontaminated. DIY cleaning and disinfection is never recommended in times of a global pandemic.

How is the Service Carried Out?

Every cleaning company will have their specific methods, however, as a standard, the process involves thorough deep cleaning of all areas. Details should not be overlooked. Usually the service will require a team of cleaners who can cover the entire premises and move furniture where needed to reach all spots. The second part of the process is about disinfection. Like we mentioned above, professionals use virucidal and antibacterial cleaning solutions that cannot be found in stores.

At London Cleaning System, we rely on cutting-edge equipment that ensures incredible results and is environmentally friendly. As a responsible business we know it is important to take care of human’s health, but also be kind and conscious of what we put out in the environment. The EV dry cleaning systems we use are machines, ideal for cleaning and disinfection of almost any type of surface. They work with steam and non-toxic cleaning products, providing impeccable results.

How Soon can a Post-COVID Cleaning and Disinfection be Arranged?

Considering the high demand for professional commercial cleaning at the moment, many companies are forced to run waiting lists for clients. However, established organisations in the industry constantly hire and train new staff to be able to respond to the growing need of proper cleaning services. Our team covers a wide range of areas in London and within M25. We advise any business owner to contact us as soon as they receive news about someone testing positive for coronavirus on their commercial premises. This way we can let you know our earliest availability for post-COVID cleaning and decontamination service and book the appointment.

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