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Restaurant, Pub and Coffee Shop Disinfection with EV Cleaning Systems

We have just been allowed the pleasure to enjoy a meal or a drink at the outdoor space of a restaurant, pub or a cafe with a friend. Who would have believed that we would be so excited for something so simple a couple of years ago? Even though there are still restrictions and social distancing rules, we are slowly getting more of our personal freedoms back. The next step would be wining and dining at indoor settings, accompanied by more of our favourite people. However, for that to happen and for us to have a peace of mind we are safe, restaurant, cafe and pub owners need to take serious measures and precautions. One of them is deep cleaning and thorough disinfection of the commercial premises. And for places where food and drinks are served, we certainly believe the EV cleaning system is the absolute best solution.

Disinfection with EV systems in Restaurants and Pubs

The greatest thing about EV systems is that they can be safely used on almost any type of surface. Proper sanitation is essential in restaurants – in the kitchen, the ambient areas and behind the bar. The EV cleaner uses 100% natural and eco-friendly solutions to bring impeccable results. It utilises steam that reaches up to 170ºC and can be combined with non-toxic, completely safe antibacterial and virucidal products. Not only are they gentle on the environment, but also highly beneficial for people with different allergies. This is very important for the health of everyone who works in the premises, as well as all the customers.

A trip to the pub after work or having the traditional Sunday roast is something most British people enjoy. Of course, the more merry customers, the bigger the mess afterwards. Disinfection with EV systems is something that can be done as frequently as you wish. Many commercial clients choose to have it once a week or fortnightly. For places with a busy ambience, however, like pubs and restaurants, you may want to consider doing it twice a week.

Coffee Shop Disinfection with an EV cleaning system

Coffee shops have seen a lot of footfall during the lockdown as many were allowed to remain open for takeaway only. That is all the more reason to organise a professional deep clean and disinfection before indoor seating is finally re-introduced. Furthermore, the restrooms are often used by people who are just passing by and not necessarily customers of the cafe. It is a perfect breeding space for all sorts of germs. EV cleaning systems can be highly effective in eliminating over 99.9% of all existing bacteria. What is even better, the method is very suitable for coffee shops that welcome their first customers almost as soon as they open in the morning. EV systems work fast and do not require drying time unlike other steam cleaning and disinfection solutions.

We, at London Cleaning Systems have been proudly working with EV machines and tools for over 2 years. We are your local experts in 100% effective disinfection of restaurants, pubs and coffee shops. If your place needs a professional touch, please contact us today. We mainly serve Chingford Woodford Green, Stratford, Wimbledon, Kensington, Chelsea, Richmond, Canary Wharf, Battersea, Shepherd’s Bush but may also be able to help if you are situated elsewhere within M25.

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