Rubbish Removal

Rubbish Removal Service

House Clearance

We remove all types of waste and any unwanted items from your house including:

Bulky Item Removal

Want to get rid of an old sofa? Bed mattress? A broken refrigerator? LCS will get rid of it for you. Our bulky item removal service covers:

We can remove and collect one or multiple bulky items but please tell us how many large items you want us to take when arranging collection.

Construction Waste Removal

Don’t know where to dispose all that construction waste that was left behind by builders? Why not let LCS take care of construction waste removal. We will remove, collect and properly dispose any construction waste including:

Garage Clearance

Whether you need full garage clearance (don’t worry, you are not the only one!) or just want to get rid of a few things, LCS is eager to help. Our team will remove and collect virtually anything including:

Garden Clearance

No matter if your garden has become overgrown or only needs some tidying up to look its best again, LCS team that specialises in garden clearance will help you achieve just that. We will clear your garden of:

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