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School Cleaning During the Spring Holiday

Can you believe it is almost Easter and school is out once again for a couple of weeks? This is actually the best time to organise professional cleaning in educational settings and prepare for the new term before the pupils return. What does the process include and why is it important to be done during the spring holiday? Let’s find out now.

Deep Cleaning

The first step of an effective school cleaning is deep cleansing of the entire property. This means scrubbing desks and chairs, wiping whiteboards and technology pieces, dusting book corners and furniture, carpet washing and more. The toilets and canteen would require special attention and even more vigorous cleaning.

Sanitising of School Properties

Just cleaning the premises is not enough. Proper sanitisation is absolutely paramount for the health of returning pupils and staff. Anything that they may come into contact with must be disinfected. As professionals with long years of experience in the industry, we always recommend the use of non-toxic disinfectants or steam cleaning. It is important to minimise strong chemicals in schools and other childcare settings, because many children live with allergies. Such solutions can be unpleasant and dangerous triggers. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, not only disinfects appropriately, but also helps manage certain allergies.

The return of pupils to school from the spring holiday, usually marks the beginning of hay fever season. This is one of the most common allergies in the UK and those who suffer from it, have a really hard time enjoying their daily lives. Reduced ability to breathe and watering eyes make it really difficult for children to concentrate and learn. The brain needs oxygen to function properly, afterall. That is exactly why steam cleaning is needed in educational institutions, especially in spring and early summer, when the pollen count is at its peak.

Other Maintenance Work

Spring holiday is also a perfect time to get all other maintenance works at school done. The pipes, the appliances, the tech equipment, the roof or the flooring may need professional attention. It might be a good idea to think about improvements that could enhance the learning experience or make it more fun for children to come to school. Those things usually require a rather large budget, which many public schools do not have. The PTA, however, could be a great force to help organise fundraising events and attract volunteers who would be happy to contribute for good ideas to come into reality.

London Cleaning System works with many schools in different London boroughs, including areas like Richmond, Wimbledon, Battersea, Chelsea, Chingford, Shepherd’s Bush and many others. We provide top notch deep cleaning and disinfection services and we work with innovative steam cleaning equipment. This allows us to be extremely effective and efficient in what we do and therefore make our clients satisfied with the results.

Are you in charge of a London school, or part of the PTA committee? Speak to us to arrange a comprehensive and thorough professional cleaning service for your school during the spring holiday.

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