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The Most Expensive Home Appliances and Products

Ever wondered what the lifestyle of the rich and famous is like? Sure private jets, 200 ft. yachts and roaring supercars are exciting, but what about the everyday items in their life?
We ask is all the luxury worth the expense?


$1,000,000 24K gold plated vacuum cleaner

gold vacuum cleaner most expensive appliances
Image credit: firebox.com

This is easily one of the most expensive appliances on this list, coming in as truly the million-dollar slice of domestic bliss. The vacuum comes from firebox.com who sell an array of ludicrously expensive things from a 24 Karat golf racing bike for £250,000 and the ‘world’s most expensive Apple Watch’. But what do you get for your mega money? Well the main feature is that this sleek slap of elegance is coated head to toe in 24 Karat gold plating. It is an exclusive item, as Firebox claim only 100 have been produced. You get a certificate of authenticity, an engraved official serial number, and the vacuum comes with a lifetime warranty (we should hope so). This thing is so posh it needs its own cleaner!


The Hang Fung $5 million Gold Toilet

gold toilet most expensive home

Forget the Iron Throne Game of Thrones fans, and feast your eyes on this solid gold 24 carat toilet. Made by Hang Fung Golf Technology Group based out of China. Unfortunately, this sparkly wonder is for demonstration only, as part of a showcase called “The Hall of Gold” which feature a washroom laden with gold. There are solid gold bars embedded in the floor, and many more opulent washroom accessories.


24 Karat Toilet paper

There seems to be a running theme here, the most expensive things in the world are made with gold. But we promise after this one, they’re not all gold. A company called Toilet Paper Man claim to have developed the world’s first 3 ply toilet paper made with 24 carat gold. Just 1 roll costs $1.3 million and is hand delivered with a bottle of champagne. The most lavish hotels in Dubai have ordered in these rolls of gold to go alongside their gold plated toilets. That’s an expensive…

£2,000 Dishwashers

Miele dishwasher
Image credit: Miele, Inc.

Miele are a top of the range appliance manufacturer from Germany. And for the privilege of German excellence and efficiency people pay a pretty price for it. But why is this dishwasher so special you may ask. Well, it comes complete with Miele’s Knock2Open technology which automatically opens after two knocks (reminds us of clap-on light switches). It also includes internal LED lights that is said to make your dishes extra sparkly, it is also highly efficient and eco-friendly. What more could you want? Okay so this appliance is slightly cheaper than the above luxuries, coming in at just £2,150. But when the average dishwasher can be picked up for just over £100, these units can be considered a modest cash splurge.


A $2000 chef’s knife

damascus chefs knife most expensive items
Image credit: Wüsthof

The Damascus Chef’s Knife by Wüsthof is more a limited edition collector’s item than a domestic product, but it’s a kitchen knife all the same. We know what you’re thinking, who would spend $2000 on a kitchen knife? It’s an “heirloom piece for cooks and collectors” alike apparently. The “labor-intensive” process involved in creating such a blade is what makes it expensive. There are hundreds of layers of steel that are forged together to create a single extremely strong blade which means it’s really sharp. Onions beware!

Now not all of us have the millions to splash on keeping our home in order. Although, would you really want metallic loo roll if you had the choice? We’re not sure on that one, but one thing we are sure of, is you don’t want to overspend on home appliances and products. And that’s why our cleaning services are always affordable and always professional, and we promise it won’t cost you a million dollars.

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