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Top 5 Industries that Employ Mostly Women

Top 5 Industries that Employ Mostly Women: Getting almost to a quarter of the 21st century, the professional world is still dominated by men. They build fascinating careers in a variety of sectors. Historically, the woman has always been seen as a helper or a carer, so it is not surprising that the top 5 industries employing mostly female workers are still connected to similar duties. Here are the leaders.

Social and Health Care

Personal care assistants are usually women and their roles can entail different responsibilities – from shopping to bating and dressing old or disabled people. In the UK, social workers and health care assistants that identify as women make up 78% of all employees in the social and health care industry.

Wholesale and Retail

The second most female-dominated industry is wholesale and retail. The jobs here vary from grocery shops to high profile fashion boutiques and outlets. Unfortunately, the majority of the roles are not well paid and don’t entail much work benefits.


Cleaning and maintenance industry proudly takes the third place in female-dominated industries. In our line of work, not only do we employ mostly women, but we also have the most female employers. This means that in the UK, the majority of cleaning businesses are owned and led by women. Our industry allows women to work flexible hours and take care of their families, while also contributing financially.

Admin and Support Services

Ladies also take up a large number of the admin and support services positions in the country. The jobs could vary from personal assistants to receptionists, to computer clerks and more. Those roles don’t necessarily require high qualifications or specialist skillset, although in some companies and for some positions such may be a necessity. The benefits of working an admin job are the standard office hours, good holiday package and since the pandemic began, the option for remote work.


70% of all teaching jobs in the UK are taken by women. Early years foundation and primary education see the biggest proportion of female employees, while secondary schools, colleges and universities bring more balance between female and male educators. Teachers and teaching assistants benefit from longer holidays, but their job is not easy at all. In education, the responsibilities are many and it is more of a calling than just a profession. Perhaps women are naturally better at it, or the female dominance in teaching is induced by societal norms and prejudice?

Were you surprised by any of the stats? What do you think women are best at? Or does gender play no role at all in the professional development of an individual?

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