Top April Fools Cleaning Pranks

April 01, 2016


It’s that time of year again. And no, we’re not going to prank you (really)! What we will do though, is give you a round-up of the funniest cleaning pranks that have been pulled on unsuspecting home owners and the public. Some are truly hilarious!

Pet Sweep

Many people will be familiar with the baby duster sleepsuit, which ironically isn’t a joke. The follow up product, Pet Sweep, which features floor dusting boots for dogs and cats is however a hoax. Many fell for this prank and many emails flooded in with order requests for this quirky product. Unfortunately, they hadn’t read the product description, which on reads, ‘Wrap your gift in a really funny box! Basically use this prank gift box to put the real present inside. See their faces when they think you have bought them this stupid gift (Pet sweep the animal powered debris removal system) Prank gift box measures 11" x 9" x 3" approx. Please visit our STORE for more prank gift box designs’


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BMW Self-Cleaning Car

One of the features on included BMW’s Self Cleaning Car hoax. The article noted how, ‘BMW Canada had announced that its engineers had developed a system that used "microscopic blowholes" in the surface of the car, blowing away "dust, bugs, water and everything else," and thereby keeping the car constantly clean. BMW owners would never have to wash their car again!’ We’re only wishing this technology was real. Similar advances have been made in real life for clothing garments however, it will be some time before the products become widely available on the market.


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Up-turned Glass

“Daddy” would not have been best pleased on finding the drinks left for him with this little note. Luckily though, it was only water and didn’t take too much cleaning. We’re thinking it’s best not to leave your electronics lying around in this house. If you find that someone has pulled this prank on you; try to find a hard mat or other solid flat object (one that doesn’t matter too much if it gets wet) and slide / drag the glass towards the edge of the counter. Place the matt quickly underneath in order to trap the water before too much spills, rather in the way you would catch a bee or spider that had found its way into your house. You can then upturn the glass to its correct standing and plot your revenge! Maybe a classic prank such as filling multiple cups of water and placing them side to side whilst the other person is sleeping. That way, when they wake up, they have to drink the cups of water to create a path to their bedroom door!


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Jelly Desk

If your office desk mouse or keys get a little bit sticky, some anti-bacterial wipes usually work a treat. The poor owner of this desk will have a little more to clean up. Not only has the computer mouse been set in jelly, the computer keys have all been removed from the keyboard and jumbled into a separate jelly! We’re hoping Tom had a sense of humour and didn’t have too much work on that day. This particular prank took some time to clear up with each individual key needing to be washed, dried and replaced in the correct position! The culprit was probably keeping a low profile for some time after this prank.


Water Cress Keyboard

This April Fool’s Day prank took some time to prepare! Having removed all of the key on the keyboard, the prankster lined the underside with damp cotton wool and seeds. Luckily this one didn’t take too long to clear up! Although again, each key needed to be lifted off and replaced in the correct position in order to remove the water cress.


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Soap Fountain

In America, one prankster decided to add washing up liquid to their local fountain. The result was quite impressive! We’d urge caution before attempting this one yourself. The local police might share your humour on this one and you could land yourself in hot water – pun intended!


Today, make sure you prank responsibly. It is important to consider the feelings of others and the potential repercussions of your jokes before acting. No prank should have a lasting effect or should damage another’s property. Also, be wary that in pranking someone, you may in turn start a prank war, which can quickly get out of hand, so only dish what you can take! Otherwise, have fun and remember, pranking ceases at 12noon!