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TV’s Most Famous Clean Freaks

There seems to be a sort of unwritten rule of American sitcom writing that says there must be a main character with a serious penchant for cleaning- and we don’t just mean they’re a little over zealous with a hoover…We’re talking an ‘organising breakfast cereals by fibre content/cleaning stranger’s doorframes/polishing fruit before you eat it’ kind of crazy.

It seems producers can’t get enough of the OCD stereotype that is sure to crop up in each and every one of your favourite TV programmes; after all there’s nothing more amusing than a clean freak losing the plot…


Monica Geller (F.R.I.E.N.D.S):


We quickly learnt that Central Perk’s resident fumigator was a neat freak who couldn’t sleep at the thought of a single pair of shoes left out in her living room. Whether she was busy utilising her label maker or cleaning herself into a frenzy, our favourite OCD victim never failed to ensure everything was not just clean, but ‘Monica Clean’.

Infamously making Phoebe eat cookies over the sink, Miss Geller even had a secret messy cupboard to counteract her spotless NYC apartment – talk about Jekyll and Hyde…

What we really want to know though, is which of her 11 towel categories we’d fit into? (Our money’s on ‘fancy guest’…)


Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory):

(photo credit – vageonthehow)

He’s not crazy – his mother had him tested… but this nerd is certainly above averagely obsessed with maintaining cleanliness, tidiness and order. Not one to merely keep things clean, he is adamant that everything must be structured down to a T; his clothes, comic book collection and even breakfast cereals are all relentlessly organised and carefully maintained.

Hell, Mr Cooper goes as far as having a set bathroom time – not only for himself but also his long suffering roommate Leonard and even poor, unsuspecting visitors!

Chin up Leonard, things could be worse; given the choice of slob or clean freak we know what we’d go for…


Bree Van Der Kamp (Desperate Housewives):

Wisteria lane’s most pristine inhabitant is rarely seen on screen without a duster in hand or golden apple pie in the oven. Flame haired, real-life Stepford wife Bree was the epitome of control freak, and although drama always ensued, she never allowed one hair to snag out of place.

Saying that, Bree couldn’t always keep deviations in her perfect routine from taking place; seems even perfect place settings and the best potpourri on the street won’t stop a crazy pharmacist killing off your husband…


Schmidt (New Girl):

Ah Schmidt – if we could pick any roommate in the world this lovable hippie would win hands down. Always trying to keep order in a world full of chaos, Schmidt’s domestic skills, cooking expertise and of course cleaning know-how means his roommates are unable to successfully survive without him.

When he was little, his mother told him Santa wasn’t coming because his room was dirty – and this is the result. Nowadays Schmidt’s the kind of guy who gets jittery looking at someone’s crumbled shirt on the subway – Santa is demonstrably a powerful chap…


Emma Pillsbury (Glee):

(photo credit – horror fan 121)

Fluttery eyed guidance counsellor Emma was never seen looking anything less than pristine on screen with her perfect hair-do, held in place with a perfect Alice band and sprayed with the perfect amount of hairspray- (perfect is the theme here in case you didn’t realise).

She wasn’t only neurotic about her immaculate appearance though; Emma was known to polish her lunchtime fruit before taking a bite. Oh, and her flat was almost unsettlingly neat…


Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Sex and the City):

Impeccable Charlotte is the textbook perfect housewife; optimistic, well turned out, positive and able to bake up a storm in the kitchen, she couldn’t be more of a catch if she tried.

However, with domestic perfection comes OCD, and Charlotte definitely has traits in abundance -much to her husband’s despair. Don’t try walking around your own bedroom naked if you’re married to her, she won’t let you sit down…

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