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Weekly Office Cleaning Tasks

Weekly Office Cleaning Tasks: Every office needs professional cleaning on a regular basis. But what should that process entail and how frequent is regular? Valid questions, we’d love to answer today for every business owner, who is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for their staff. Here is a list with the weekly office cleaning tasks your cleaners should perform.

Vacuum All Soft Furniture

Apart from the daily cleaning and disinfection that needs to happen in all areas of the office, one of the most important weekly tasks is to vacuum all soft furniture. This could include sofas in the lobby or waiting areas, armchairs and upholstered chairs. Leather office chairs should be wiped with the appropriate cleaning products and sanitisers, avoiding damages.

Polish All Hard Surfaces

Worktops and commonly used hard surfaces may need to be dusted, wiped and disinfected at the end of each working day. Everything else, however, should be taken care of and well polished at least once a week. It helps keep the office look presentable and is very beneficial for employees with dust or other allergies.

Clean the Windows

Cleaning the windows from the inside is another weekly task for your office cleaner. Usually professionals use squeegees and glass cleaning solutions. The external part of the windows can be dealt with once in a quarter.

Clean and Disinfect the Microwave in the Kitchen

Many offices have small staff kitchens where employees can prepare simple snacks or reheat their lunch. One of the places that gets really messy by Friday is the microwave. When your commercial cleaners do the weekly cleans they must pay special attention to the appliance. Apart from being thoroughly cleaned, the microwave should also be sanitised and deodorised.

Empty the Fridge

The office fridge can turn into a nasty place if it’s not emptied at the end of every working week. Many employees forget foods in there that expire quickly or sometimes the packaging gets damaged and the contents leak. After all expiring goods are disposed of, cleaners should give the fridge a good wipe and spray with the appropriate disinfectant.

Vacuuming the Air Vents

Some would argue that the air vents do not need to be cleaned as frequently as every week, but as professionals with long-standing experience, we beg to differ. The huge health crisis that impacted the entire world is not yet fully behind us. Furthermore, as flu season approaches, it is crucial that the air quality in any indoor space is not compromised. Adequate ventilation is one of the most important conditions to be met to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. So, your office air vents should, most certainly, be vacuumed and cleaned every week.

Cleaning and Sanitising Electronics

Almost any office is full of valuable electronics. They also need regular care and external maintenance. Daily cleaning is not recommended as some particles are extremely fragile, however, a weekly wipe and disinfection are a compulsory task. It is important to note that if the office runs hot desks and employees are forced to share computers and phone headsets, then the keyboard, mouse and phone handle must be disinfected every day after the shift ends.

Do you have a regular commercial cleaning service for your office? If not, you should arrange one as soon as possible. London Cleaning System operates in the majority of the capital’s areas and within M25. To find out if we can cover your office address and what our availability is like, contact us today.

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