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What Business Venues May Remain Open in a Future Lockdown

What Business Venues May Remain Open in a Future Lockdown: The government says they are extremely reluctant to impose another national lockdown this winter and it will be their absolute last resort if the situation gets out of control. While this is very optimistic and reassuring, such a scenario is not completely out of the window. So, what if another lockdown does happen? What business venues may remain open and would they still need commercial cleaners?

Grocery and Essential Good Shops

Like during the previous closures of the country grocery shops and places selling essential goods will certainly remain open. The hygiene in these places will have to be maintained to an absolute maximum and there’s no better people for the job than commercial cleaners.


In a pandemic hospitals will be the places that will always remain open, no matter what. Medical cleaning is a very specific job and only certain commercial cleaning companies are certified to carry out that service. In a future lockdown, however, they will be in an even higher demand to protect the health of hospital staff and patients.

GP practices and dental clinics will likely be open only for emergency cases. Even as such, they will need regular cleaning to minimise the risk of passing on further infections.

Cafes and Restaurants

We don’t expect to see a full closure of cafes and restaurants if another lockdown happens. They will be at least allowed to operate a takeaway and delivery service, which means their kitchens and working areas still need regular maintenance, cleaning and disinfection. The ambient areas may not be in use, but will require at least minimal cleaning every week.


With the national vaccination programme being pushed to children above 12 years, it is extremely unlikely that schools will close and students diverted to distance learning. Even if it does happen for the majority of pupils, schools will still be open for the children of key workers. It would be imperative to maintain impeccable hygiene and disinfect the premises frequently.

Food Factories and Depots

There is already a food shortage and deliveries delay crisis in the UK. That could be intensified by a future lockdown. So, if the country has to close down, food factories and supply chain depots will have to remain open to ensure everyone can get essential goods. These places also need a professional touch when it comes to maintaining safe working conditions.

Possible Further Allowances

Because over 82% of the eligible British population has been vaccinated, it is possible that the government allows more venues to remain open. Even though they said they may reintroduce the official advice to work from home, employers could be given the opportunity to keep their offices open and call staff in if they are fully vaccinated and there’s regular professional cleaning provided on site.

Entertainment venues may be able to operate on reduced capacity and only accept visitors who can show a proof of a complete vaccination against COVID-19.

In summary, even if there is a further lockdown this year or at the beginning of next, it will most likely be partial and not as strict as the previous ones we’ve had. Of course, one potential threat remains – the emergence of a new variant that can evade vaccines. Unless that happens, we are set for a much more pleasant and free winter. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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