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What is Commercial End of Tenancy Cleaning

There are so many articles and information on the Internet about end of tenancy cleaning for residents, but little knowledge is shared when it comes to commercial properties. Is there a real difference? What is a commercial end of tenancy cleaning, who arranges it and why?

What is Commercial EoT Cleaning

Just like residents move homes, businesses sometimes have to move offices or their places of operation. That means a professional end of tenancy clean needs to be arranged once all the belongings of the business have been removed from the premises. Commercial EoT is quite different from the standard residential service because it often involves deep cleaning and disinfection of more appliances or machines. It requires special knowledge, equipment and training. For example, when a restaurant is relocating, the commercial kitchen will take a lot more time and effort to clean than an ordinary domestic kitchen.

The use of EV dry steam cleaning machines during a commercial end of tenancy clean is very beneficial for both the client and the cleaners. The technology allows operatives to complete the tasks effectively, spending less time scrubbing and treating stains. EV machines work with steam, which is a completely natural solution, providing exceptional results. Also, it can be used on almost every type of surface, including fabrics and delicate materials. The treatment requires virtually no drying time, which means if the client is on a tight schedule to have the premises professionally cleaned, they could meet the target.

Who Arranges the Commercial End of Tenancy Cleaning

If you are a small business owner, who is fully hands-on with all operations and admin stuff, you can arrange an EoT service directly with the cleaning provider. Make sure you do your due diligence before you book. Of course, if you have administrative employees, you can outsource this task to them.

Larger organisations usually have a letting agent, responsible for the management of the commercial property. It is also an option to ask the agency to find a reliable commercial cleaning company, which can carry out the service. In fact, many letting agents do work with a list of preferred cleaning providers and can do the matchmaking pretty quickly.

Why is Commercial End of Tenancy Cleaning Needed

Similarly to residential properties, commercial premises must also be prepared, cleaned and disinfected for the next tenant. In many cases, businesses spend more years at the same office or physical location than the average tenants do in a house or a flat. Longer time inhabiting a place, means more wear and tear and perhaps, more need for cleaning. Leaving a commercial property without arranging for an end of tenancy clean compromises the hygiene standards and could be dangerous for the people who move in after.

From an estate management point of view, a good professional end of tenancy cleaning is always a plus as it improves the condition and look of the property, which directly reflects on the rent asking price.

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