What is the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

When your deposit is reduced, you will know.

End of tenancy cleaning is cleaning after moving out of a rented property. For obvious reasons, landlords require their properties to be returned in the same condition they were on the day the tenant moved in. As a result, cleanliness of the property plays a very important role in whether you will receive your deposit back in full or whether it’s going to be reduced.

To make sure that cleaning is done to the highest standards and that the property is just as sparkling as on the day of moving in, we advise you to hire a professional cleaning company such as https://londoncleaningsystem.co.uk/

On the day of final inspection, the landlord will carefully check their property to determine if it’s in the same state than before you moved in. You can either pass or fail the final inspection. But if you fail because of cleanliness issues and end of tenancy cleaning was done by a professional cleaning company, they will come back and re-clean the property within 2- 10 days – for free! In case the landlord is not happy with the property’s cleanliness, you should forward a copy of the final inspection report including the list of things that weren’t properly cleaned and images as evidence for the re-clean.

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End of Tenancy Best Equipment

End of tenancy cleaning means detailed and thorough cleaning of the entire property. The cleaning must be carried out by a professional cleaning company. Cleaners must be equipped with all the necessary equipment and materials including: vacuum cleaner, steam engine, cloths, gloves, and cleaning products for the property to pass the final inspection – at least when it comes to cleanliness.

Depending on the size of the property and the level of maintenance as well as the client’s requests, end of tenancy cleaning can last:

Studio flat: about 2 hours

1 bedroom flat: 2-4 hours

2 bedroom flat: 2-5 hours

3 bedroom flat: 3-6 hours

4 bedroom flat:4-6 hours

5 bedroom flat: 4-8 hours

The property should be emptied before end of tenancy cleaning. If this is not possible, then it’s highly important to empty at least the drawers, cabinets etc. and put any remaining items somewhere in a corner or on a bed for instance.

Cleaning usually starts in the bathroom or kitchen.

Bathroom cleaning includes: cleaning of mirrors, tiles, grout, floor, bath, basin, shower, shower door, taps and fittings as well as de-scaling.

Sometimes it’s not possible to effectively remove limescale buildup from the shower hose. In this case, it’s necessary to replace it with a new one. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to completely remove mould from grout. If so, it may need to be replaced to pass the final inspection and get end of tenancy deposit back in full amount.

Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning of all the appliances: microwave, oven, toaster, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge/freezer. The fridge must be turned off and emptied one day before cleaning.

Cleaning of the drawers, cabinets, all surfaces and drains is included as well.

Cabinets and drawers must be must be emptied before cleaning.

All interior windows and the surrounding area will be cleaned as well, while the carpet is vacuumed.

Doors and rags cleaned of dust. The same counts for picture frames.

Lightweight furniture will be moved in order to vacuum the carpet below the furniture. Beds, sofas, etc. can be moved as well but there is an additional charge for this service.

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Deep Clean

Prices of the standard end of tenancy cleaning range from £85 to £350:

Studio flat £85 – £105

1 bedroom flat / house £110 – £135

2 bedroom flat / house £135- £170

3 bedroom flat / house £170- £220

4 bedroom flat / house £210- £300

5 bedroom flat / house £250- £350

The cleaning company will tell you what’s not included in the standard service, such as:

  • External windows; depending on the size, the prices range from £5 to £15;
  • Steam carpet cleaning; the price is usually around £20
  • Sofa cleaning; depending on size, it can cost from £20 to £50
  • Armchair; prices are about £15-£20
  • Key pick up; depending on the distance £10-£25 (if it’s in the same building, then there is no additional charge)
  • Terrace (and terrace fence); depending on the service, usually around £15-£20
  • Garden & driveway cleaning; the prices range from £20-£60 for garden and £15-£40 for driveway cleaning.

Pressure cleaning is more expensive and it’s not always included in end of tenancy cleaning.

  • Pressure cleaning of the terrace will cost you £30 or more, depending on your terrace’s size.
  • Wall cleaning is not included in standard end of tenancy cleaning. The prices of wall cleaning range from £10 to £25, depending on the work involved. Some stains cannot be removed and in this case, it’s necessary to paint the wall.
  • Blind cleaning is included in the service, but they are only wiped clean. Thorough cleaning is £7 per blind.
  • Mattress cleaning is not included; it will cost you £15-£40 per mattress.
  • A double oven or refrigerator will be additionally charged. The prices range from £15 to £25.
  • Dishwashing is not included in end of tenancy cleaning. Sometimes the client asks the cleaners to wash the dishes and this is usually quite expensive. So make sure that the dishes that are not clean are at least left outside the sink, advises [https://londoncleaningsystem.co.uk/]{https://londoncleaningsystem.co.uk/}
  • Parking. If you provide free parking or have your own parking lot, parking will not be added to the price. If this is not the case, the cleaners will show you parking receipt at the end of cleaning. So add another £5-£20 to the total cost.

If you live in the congestion zone, congestion charge of £11.50 will also be added to the cost of end of tenancy cleaning.


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What is End of Tenancy Cleaning Infographics

Virtually all cleaning companies offer guarantee in the form of re-clean. The guarantee period ranges from 2 days to 10 days.

Re-clean is an integral part of this job and therefore, cleaning companies are offering a deposit back guarantee.

The client should forward a copy of the final inspection report, the list of things that haven’t been cleaned properly and images as proof. However, it is crucial to do so within the guarantee period. If you make a complaint within 2 days, cleaning companies almost always provide a re-clean. Some cleaning companies might delay with the re-clean, reject to accept the complaint, ignore images as proof or even refuse to look at the final inspection report. The thing is that they don’t want to come back and do the re-clean. Their goal is to take a part of the deposit and / or call a company they cooperate with to clean at a much higher price. However, be persistent. Pass on the remarks of the final inspection as well as the images as soon as possible, and demand that they come back and do the job properly.

The cleaning company MUST do a re-clean if the property wasn’t cleaned properly

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Professional Cleaning

Re-cleans are usually done during the weekends.

Please note that some things are not covered by guarantee. Examples include the earlier mentioned shower hose and mouldy grout. Some things are impossible to restore to like-new condition and they may need a replacement. The same goes for decrepit floor.

Steam carpet cleaning isn’t covered by the guarantee either because the best results are achieved after the first wash. If the stain persists or isn’t possible to clean, it will need a different cleaning approach which is typically also more expensive.

Cleaning mould on/behind the old window frames isn’t included in the guarantee. If there is any risk of damage during cleaning, no company will take the risk and possibly be held responsible for an eventual damage.

If anything can’t be cleaned, it’s better to leave it as is instead of risking making it worse and potentially cause more damage.

How to reduce the price?

Here are some useful tips to get a lower price: describe in detail your flat or house, what do you need and what you do not need to be cleaned. For example, if you have cleaned all the kitchen appliances and oven yourself, the price will be reduced.

If you live in the congestion zone, it’s better to book cleaning during the weekend or weekdays after 6pm. Then there will be no additional costs.

If you want a discount or lower price for cleaning, try to get a direct discount from the cleaning company. Just be persistent.

You can also wait for the confirmation e-mail and then ask for a discount. Believe it or not but you will probably get even a higher discount.   The price is generally lower if you book online, enabling you to save quite a lot of money. Usually a deposit is required; it ranges 20{a35617fc15653e3814e2bcbba04476704e6bc197bb17b3d80dbd33208febbce0} to 30{a35617fc15653e3814e2bcbba04476704e6bc197bb17b3d80dbd33208febbce0} of the booking value. You can get about 10{a35617fc15653e3814e2bcbba04476704e6bc197bb17b3d80dbd33208febbce0}-15{a35617fc15653e3814e2bcbba04476704e6bc197bb17b3d80dbd33208febbce0} off the phone / email / chat quota.

The best place to look for a discount is chat in the bottom right corner.