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Who are the messiest dogs on the internet?

We are a nation of pet lovers. It’s a fact, as 46% of households have pets, and almost a quarter of them (24%) are dog owners. The relationship with our furry friends has spanned centuries and our affection for them is endless, but no matter how much we love them, won’t stop them getting messy.

The top 10 messiest dogs

Dogs are awesome, crazy, strong and loyal creatures. Their endless energy is something we’ve never been able to understand, like why do they love chasing their tails so much? Whether it’s running in circles or howling late at night, there are plenty of questionable quirks that make our canine pals unique. Another unexplained wonder is the sheer mess they can create, without a thought in the world for who has to clean up after them. If only they could speak, we’re sure they’d tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But they can’t, so owners started writing confessions for their guilty pets and posting them online. Dog shaming became a huge internet sensation with pictures of guilty dogs being shared millions of times. And now there has actually been a book made dedicated to the best dog-shaming stories from around the globe. We’ve took a mixture of guilty dog images and viral videos to countdown the worst doggy crimes on the internet, here are our top 10:

10. Who did it?


9. You leave the house for 5 minutes…


8. Don’t lock them in the bathroom..


7. When Roomba robot cleaners aren’t a good idea


6. They’ll throw their friends under the bus the moment their wrongly accused..


5. Plain disgusting


4. Bin diver part 2 “I’ll hide where no one will look for me”


3. Have you ever tried sofa, it’s to die for!

2. They’ll literally eat anything



It’s no surprise that dogs misbehave every once in a while, because they know they’ll get blamed for something they didn’t do anyway.

But of course, not all dogs are bad, and the clean ones deserve credit where credit’s due. Here’s a few hygienic hounds to restore your faith:

Impossible is nothing:

How did she turn it on though?:

The least messiest dog breeds

To limit the mess your dog makes before you get one, you may want to consider short-haired and less destructive dogs as they do not malt. Also certain breeds drool a lot, the main culprits are boxers, basset hounds, great Danes, mastiffs and French mastiffs. Siberian huskies shed heavily twice a year and need to be brushed daily during that time. And Bulldogs and pugs tend to sneeze and snort a lot due to their short muzzles. But if you can deal with the mess then any of these breeds are a joy to look after.

If left alone and left to their own devices, these doggies will resort to chewing your sofa. Financial comparison site payingtoomuch.com researched which dog breeds cost their owners the most money in damages over their lifetime on average. You wouldn’t believe number one:

  1. Chihuahua’s (£865)
  2. Dachshund (£810)
  3. Boxer (£784)
  4. Dalmatian (£775)
  5. Bulldog (£749)

Least destructive dog breeds:

  1. Staffordshire bull terrier (£178)
  2. West Highland terrier (£182)
  3. Yorkshire terrier (£226)
  4. Spaniel (£230)
  5. Whippet (£251)


At least all the dogs in the videos and images above either showed a sign of remorse for what they’ve done or it wasn’t really their fault, cats are worse! Just watch this guy! So if you’ve got a particularly messy pet, then call London Cleaning System today and we’ll be happy to help.

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