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Why Commercial Kitchens Need Deep Cleaning

Professional deep cleaning:  Commercial kitchens are really busy places. Therefore, they get messy quite easily. And although almost every restaurant or pub hires kitchen porters who perform basic cleaning tasks at the end of each working day, professional deep cleaning for commercial kitchens is often a must. These are just some of the reasons why.

Maintain High Hygiene Levels

Any place that serves food and drinks must maintain immaculate hygiene. This applies to all areas in the premises, but ever so much to the kitchen. This is where all the gastronomic magic happens and it is where bacteria and other germs could easily thrive if regular cleaning doesn’t happen. Daily cleans are obviously essential, but commercial deep cleaning provides an extra layer of protection and assurance.

Longer Life of Appliances

The more you take care of your professional equipment and technology, the longer you will enjoy it. Commercial deep cleaning is essential for the proper functioning of the appliances – ovens, fridges, freezers, combi steamers and more. There is dirt and food residue that can’t be properly removed with basic cleaning and needs further efforts from a professional with the right and effective cleaning products. In the long run, deep cleaning for your commercial kitchen appliances saves you money. The cleaner the machine, the longer you can keep using it without paying for repairs or total replacement.

Better Food Taste

The food made in a clean kitchen tastes better. That’s a fact. Oil residue, burnt-on and other leftovers that were not removed during the daily cleans, change the quality of the meals you prepare. It’s chemical reactions that are not supposed to be part of the food making process and therefore the end result is different from what you expected. So, clean cooking environment means not only safe and healthy food, but also tasty food.

Protecting the Health of Staff

As with every work space, poorly maintained commercial kitchens could be detrimental to the physical health of staff members. Deep cleaning ensures the removal of all bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms that could easily infect workers. It is a legal requirement for every employer to ensure their team is safe and secure at work.

Good ventilation in a commercial kitchen is essential. It minimises the risk of spreading airborne infections, but also tremendously affects the quality of air, which can easily deteriorate during cooking. Air vents get clogged frequently with oil residue and stop functioning as well as they should. This is a potential health hazard. To avoid it, a restaurant or a pub owner should arrange for a commercial deep cleaning of the kitchen at least once a month to once every three months. The frequency will depend on how busy the venue is.

At London Cleaning System we work with revolutionary dry steam cleaners, which are a perfect solution for commercial kitchens in need of a proper deep clean. EV dry cleaning machines work with steam of up to 170ºC, able to degrade any sort of stains, including oil, grime and burnt-on. Steam is also a perfect disinfectant, but to add one more layer of protection, we are able to use non-toxic and completely eco-friendly virucidal and antibacterial solutions.

Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it? Let’s get your next commercial deep clean booked in.

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