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Worst Places to Clean

Cleaning usually encounters dirt, dust and grit owing to the nature of the job however, some places are far, far worse than others and cause cleaners to collectively shudder about taking on the job. We’ve comprised a list of some of the worst places to clean and why we baulk at the thought of cleaning them.


Train stations and the London Underground

Train stations are used by thousands of users a day. Cigarette butts, tissues and rubbish are just a few of the things that litter the stations. Cleaning the underground can be like trying to battle back the incoming tide. The hours available to clean it do not equal the hours in which people use it.


Worst places to clean - stations



Pubs after football matches

On night where big matches are hosted on screen, fans often become intoxicated. The clean-up in the morning can be a harrowing experience. Once the broken glass, lemon wedges, straws, fan memorabilia and torn beer mats have been cleared away, the real cleaning task can begin. You can almost guarantee that you will need mops for far more than just the floor. Amazingly, due to some fans bringing their children to the pub, nappies and other such products are often found blocking the u-bends of toilets. And that’s not even the worst bit! Adults create even more mess – but we’ll keep the grimmer details to ourselves. Some things just aren’t meant for sharing.


Worst places to clean - pubs



Festivals, the races & other larger events

You can discover just about anything when clearing up after an event such as Glastonbury or the Grand National. We’re not simply talking the obvious beer bottles, plastic cups and camping equipment. Or the items left behind such as; wellies, clothes, guitars, wallets, passports, driving licences, mobile phones and cameras. No. We are talking of the impossibly grim task of cleaning up the unimaginable. Let’s just say bodily fluids and more, which have ended up in any place imaginable.
To put the mass clean-up process into perspective, according to an article on huffingtonpost.co.uk, after Glastonbury, ‘all waste on site is sorted into recycling groups by volunteers working 5-hour shifts, in a process that will take up to three weeks to clean up the whole farm.


Worst places to clean - feature image



Bars & Clubs

Popular bars and clubs can become filthy extremely quickly. Some of the worst clubs have seen those frequenting it actually designate a pair of shoes particularly for that club owing to the amount of dirt the floor kicks up. Guaranteed, by the end of the night, your shoes would be sticky and will be several shades darker. Food may also be stuck to the floor and on any seats in the rather questionable looking seating area. Drinks and other liquids often make the room smell stale. And once again, there is an abundance of glass, straws and other such objects in need of cleaning up. We won’t mention what the toilet cubicles are like.


Worst places to clean - clubs



Student Halls

It is now the policy at most universities, that cleaners do not have to tackle hall kitchens if the students have not left them in an adequate state for cleaning. Unfortunately, cleaners still often face the bizarre and ridiculous when cleaning university halls. Mould and foul food has been known to cake fridges, ovens and microwaves, and bins have been found overflowing. Following nights out, halls have been desecrated by ketchup being squirted on the ceilings, doors being sprayed with ginger beer and then having chips stuck to them, and far, far worse. Thankfully, not all students are like this and many cleanly, studious residents are burdened by the bad press warranted from a few unruly members.


Worst places to clean - halls



Hospitals & Medical Practices

Specialist cleaning services are often called in to clean at medical practises. Hospitals will often have their own specially trained cleaners. Often, what needs cleaning is of no fault of the patient or of the staff. It is a tough job though and truly highlights the dedication given by medical practitioners and the remarkable jobs they do.


Worst places to clean - hospitals
Image: Credit to commons.wikimedia.org

Cleaners often work unsociable hours and work tirelessly to get a venue looking presentable ready in time for when it next needs to be used. Owing to the sheer amount of venues that are in need of cleaning, the industry has continued to grow.

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